Bylaws 01-27-17 Agenda


Agenda - January 27, 2017

9:30 a.m. - Mahwah Public Library


1.  Welcome

2.  Review of 2017 Charges

  • Review By-Laws and recommend changes as necessary.
  • In collaboration with Reciprocity Task Force, review issues related to unserved municipalities and individuals contracting for library services.
  • Define "BCCLS Services" as it relates to By-Laws and contracting for library services.
  • Review and propose mechanisms that would ensure member libraries and contracting municipalities meet requirements established by By-Laws.

3.  Old Business

  • Continue discussion of necessary changes to By-Laws and identify sections that might require further updating.

4.  New Business

  • Update on compliance/non-compliance issues.
  • Discuss definitions of what BCCLS Services should entail in conjunction with attorney feedback.

5.  Set up 2017 meeting schedule.

6.  Adjournment

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