PR 03-21-17 Agenda

BCCLS Public Relations Committee


Meeting Date and Time: Tuesday March 21, 2017 – 10:00 a.m.

Meeting Location: BCCLS Office



  1. Approve/Append Minutes


Items for discussion:

1.    eBCCLS

  • What still needs to be done


2.     Promoting digital resources

  • Next Steps


3.     Selected Shorts

  • Who will be there to help?


4.     Books NJ

  • Promotion

  • Volunteers

  • Sharing on Social Media


5.     Outreach to all BCCLS patrons

  • Health Fair

  • Other opportunities for public engagement


6.     Welcome Email

  • What remains to be done here. Can we offer that as a PR tip?


7.     BCCLS Hack Tips & PR Tip of the Month


  • What is most important to advertise. List topics and volunteers for coming months.


  8.     Book Club Kit and PR folder

Next Meeting - April 18th, Location -?

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