ASTF 02-17-17 Minutes

BCCLS Adult Services Task Force

Minutes from February 17, 2017



Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m.

 Members in attendance:  Lorri Steinbacher - RGWD, Susan Meeske - OTPN, Kaitlyn Tanis - ALDL, Denise Roberts - BOGT, Catherine Dodwell - DUMT, David Schwalbe - ENGL, Ethan Galvin - WCLD, Janet Dunn - WEWD, Marilyn Force - WYCK, Laurie Meeske - BCCLS, Margaret O'Keefe - BCCLS

 After introductions, BCCLS charges for the committee read and discussed.

 Discussion - How do we disseminate information to Adult Services Librarians?

                        Database? Hard to keep current

                        Google Sheets to be shared?

                        Program of the Month posted to listserv?

                        Similar format to Web Subject Guides?

Decision to use Google Sheets for this year, Laurie Meeske to create a Google Form template for program idea submissions. Form will contain program category, program name, price range, BRIEF description of the program, contact information of vendor, program rating and “submitted by.” This template will be used for vendor programs only at this time. In-house programs would be shared at an “in-person” event.

 Discussion - How do we get program ideas for the Google Sheets?

Laurie will set up a listserv titled “BCCLS Adult Services”. Lorri will send out an ALL message to invite people to join. A listserv message will be sent out monthly looking for programs for a specific category, i.e. Music. Program form will be attached so submissions can be made. Submissions will be reviewed by the committee before being added to the google sheet.

 Adult Summer Reading - The BCCLS Youth Services Committee is holding an expo on March 10th in Maywood at 9:30 a.m. Our committee members are encouraged to attend. Lorri will contact Justin of YSC regarding our scope of participation. Please RSVP to Lorri if you will be attending.

 Meeting schedule set. All meetings will be Friday mornings at 10:00 a.m. except where noted.

            March 17th                  Dumont

            April 21st                     Old Tappan at 1:30 p.m.

            May 19th                     Dumont

            June 9th                      Allendale

            July 21st                      Westwood

            August 18th                 Ridgewood

            September 22nd         Wyckoff

            October 20th               Old Tappan

            November 17th           Dumont

            December 15th           Ridgewood

 Other dates scheduled:

            Spring Soiree Mixer, Friday, April 28th, location TBD (Laurie to check budget for this)

            Adult “Sparks” program, Friday, June 16th, location TBD

 Meeting adjourned: 12:10 p.m.

  Respectfully submitted,

 Janet Dunn, Westwood


Minutes approved 3/17/17

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