Summer Reading Expo

Summer Reading Expo

April 7, 2017

Maywood Public Library



During our Summer Reading Expo, the YSC and Adult Services Task Force brainstormed various ideas to implement for this year's summer reading for patrons of all ages. Ideas that correlate to the theme, "Build a Better World" as well as programs, incentives, performers, Beanstack, and general topics of how a summer reading program operates were a few of the topics covered. Here are the notes from the event as well as handouts provided from both committees.

Ideas for Teens

  • Escape Room - $125. vs. Toys R Us $30.
  • Chopped! - Cook Off
  • Shop Rite Nutritionist - Free!
  • Slime Making
  • MuV-CHat
  • Passive Volunteer Projects - (Jen Lemke @ MILL has a great list)
  • Candy Making - Pizza Making FEED THEM!

Ideas for Children

  • NASA - Eclipse this summer, lots of materials.
  • LEGO - Bricks in Motion
  • Minds in Motion
  • Planting a garden / Seed catalog
  • Make Play dough - kids design placemats/ laminate them / make “food” of dough
  • Recycle boxes - B&T, soda, refrigerator for life size jenga/tetris/play house for littles.
  • Incentives: Tried everything not working ?
    • Offer Bingo Game ($5> Gift cards : 5 below/B&N/ Local eateries
    • Teens Wheel of Reading
    • Charity (non-profit)
    • Scratch off
    • Read X hrs. = raffle tickets
  • Use Beanstack to track raffles / prizes
  • 3 Book prize / Book bucks
  • Frequent user club
  • Harry Potter theme
  • Lego construction - different building / week
  • Different level reading
  • Different books same genre
  • Drop in crafts every X day of the week.
  • Right after story time
  • Battle of the Books (PARA)
  • Minutes to win it!
  • Tie dye
  • Operation Gratitude / Color a Smile / Project Linus


  • Jester Jim
  • Mad Science
  • Art Kings Rule
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