SPTF 05-10-2017 Minutes

Special Populations Task Force Meeting

Habrouck Heights Library

May 10, 2017 - 10:00-11:30

In Attendance:

Victoria Hilditch, Co-Chair - Ridgewood

Lisa Hoffman - Bloomfield

Leslie Kruegel - Fair Lawn

Michelle Ferreira - Hackensack

Hongmei Liu - Livingston

Peter Coyl - Montclair

Jill DeMarco - Montclair

Laura Rios - North Bergen

Yumi Choi - BCCLS


This meeting was spent finalizing details for the June 14th panel at the Paramus Public Library.

The official order of events for the panel is:

  • Immigration - Ada Lil Torres from the Law Office of Ada Lil Torres
  • Citizenship - Kelly Ayala from USCIS
  • ESL and Literacy - Larry Braverman & Antonio Brugnoli from Project Literacy
  • How Libraries Can Help - Enola Romano from NJLA Diversity and Outreach Section

Various panel issues covered include: name tags, evaluations, EventBrite, room capacity, food, table set-up, and the length of each panel.

Lisa Hoffman said she would make the flyers for the event as soon as possible.  She will also be making programs for the event.

Michelle Ferreira, Laura Rios and Hongmei Liu need to contact the speakers they coordinated with to arrange for bios that can be included in the program.

Because LGBTQ+ issues won't be covered on June 14th, Lisa Hoffman will put together an email to BCCLS libraries on how they can acknowledge Pride Month.  Peter Coyl pointed out that ALA has also named June as GLBT Book Month, so that will be acknowledged as well.

Jill DeMarco, Laura Rios and Hongmei Liu worked with Dan Lane from BCCLS to film a short video on how library staff can work with patrons who don't speak much or any English.  The Hasbrouck Heights Library was gracious enough to let them use their Circulation Desk for this.


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