CDR 04-11-2017 Minutes


Collection Development and Reference Committee

Upper Saddle River Library

Tuesday, April 11 @ 10am




Latricia Markle (Co-Chair - Tenafly), Julia Nock (Co-Chair - Closter), William Fischer (Bergenfield), Julie Whitehead (Dumont), Dawn Petretti-Silvera (Glen Ridge), Danielle Cesena (Glen Rock), Cathy Folk-Pushee (Hackensack), Molly McKenney (Upper Saddle River), Margaret O'Keefe (BCCLS), Yumi Choi (BCCLS)


Absent: Amy Aynedjian (Englewood), Ina Rimpau (Maplewood), Matthew Mitchel (Paramus).


Volunteer Recorder: Julia Nock


Minutes from March 21, 2017 accepted


Old Business

  • Database Submission Flowchart - edits completed and approved

    • Added “research OCLC, Amazon, online bookstores, etc.”

    • Delete “as per BCCLS practice”. Will read “Records found in     these databases are either downloaded and edited or created via original cataloging.

  • Weeding Tips

    • May- Cathy

    • June- Amy?

    • July- Latricia- Fiction media

    • August- Julia

    • September- Matthew- music

    • October- Julie

    • November- Latricia

    • December- Ina?

    • January- Dawn

    • February- Danielle

    • March- Bill


  • cHQ tips - Confirm upcoming months:

    • May- Latricia; June- Bill.

    • Discussion on folding the cHQ tips into the weeding tips, or possibly having a monthly “Collection Development Tip” that could be used for multiple purposes. For now, it's up to the person doing the tip to decide, but at least try to incorporate cHQ to show how you weed that section if it applies. The committee would need to devise a new template.

    • No limit now on cHQ log-ins. You can have as many library-specific log-ins as you want. (Closter Reference, Closter Children's etc.)

  • A to Z: Librarian Approved Sites

    • Complete the Editors list- please fill your name in as an editor or assistant editor.


New Business

  • cHQ mentoring program: Four committee members responded to the questionnaire about being willing to train. Latricia will contact the 10 libraries who responded to the original survey that they wanted visits to find out if they still want visits, and what kind of content they want covered on those visits. It was decided that it's better start with a small beta program, and adjust and adapt from there.

  • Best Practices program (became Build a Better Collection pending a better title)

    • Tuesday, September 26, 9:30-12:30.

    • Location - still undecided

    • Ideas: 1. The committee could develop a collection development policy template 2. Donation policy-local author, used, or gift. 3. Where to go for ordering different formats. 4. Develop a skit? 5. Breakout groups?

    • Members: look at your library's collection development policy to share with committee. Think about the formats you order.

  • BCCLScon (BCCLS Conference) program Friday, Dec. 1, 10am-5pm

    • Database secrets - more reference-focused- modern reference

  • P&P joint meeting, Wednesday, May 3 @ Franklin Lakes. Jen will get back to Latricia on this, but if P&P does not feel the need to discuss our suggested changes to the submissions policy the meeting will be canceled.

Next Meeting- at Glen Ridge Library MONDAY, May 15th at 10am

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