World Languages Task Force 2018-19 Assignments & Charges

World Languages Task Force 2018-19 Membership

Paul Shaver, Chair Northvale
Chelsea Coleman Bogota
Kiwon Kim Cresskill
Linda Corona Edgewater
Leslie Kruegel Fair Lawn
Morris Balacco Fort Lee
Michelle Ferreira Hackensack
Hongmei Liu Livingston
Laura Rios North Bergen
Lim Park Palisades Park
Matthew Mitchel Paramus
Larissa Brookes Ridgewood
Lana Peker West Orange
Yumi Choi BCCLS


  1. Survey membership to understand how many member libraries offer world languages.
  2. With BCCLS staff, review world languages cataloging procedures. Identify where world languages are offered, and how they are acquired, how current procedures meet member and community needs and are sustainable. Work with Policies & Procedures Committee to recommend changes that better meet needs and are sustainable.
  3. Create monthly or bi-monthly list of recommended titles in the most widely collected world languages for member libraries that wish to enhance their world languages collection.
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