09.07.18 DTF Minutes (DRAFT)

BCCLS Delivery Task Force Meeting

Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 10:00am

BCCLS Office, 810 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601


Call to Order:

The task force convened at 10:00am to open the proposals submitted in response to the delivery RFP. A meeting was conducted immediately afterwards.



Present - Eric Lozauskas, BCCLS; Judah Hamer, Rutherford, Sarah Lester, Maplewood; Gerry McMahon, Franklin Lakes; Peter Coyl, Montclair; Ellen O'Keefe, Glen Rock; Stephanie Bellucci, Cliffside Park; Cindy Czesak, BCCLS; Terrie McColl, New Milford; Gretchen Kaser, Ho-Ho-Kus; Kurt Hadeler, Mahwah

Absent - Adele Puccio, Fair Lawn


  1. Opening of proposals

    1. Proposals were received from the following four vendors: Econo-Courier, NJLS, NPD Logistics, and TForce. NPD Logistics hand-delivered their proposal this morning, September 6; the deadline was 4pm on Wednesday, September 5. The task force unanimously agreed that this vendor could not be considered, so only Econo-Courier, NJLS, and TForce were reviewed. All 3 addressed the questions and requirements listed in the RFP.

    2. Cost per stop: Econo-Courier's cost per stop was listed as $30.63. Because they calculated this figure based on the incorrect number of stops (80 instead of 78), the task force found the accurate number to be $31.40. NJLS proposed $28/stop with an increase of $1.00 in 2020. TForce proposed $19.99/stop.

    3. Fuel surcharges: extensive discussion ensued about fuel surcharges. Econo-Courier's cost per stop was inclusive of fuel. NJLS and TForce provided a range. The high end of the surcharge for NJLS was 3%; TForce was 11.5%.

    4. Annual costs (based on 247 days/year, not reflective of fuel surcharges):

      1. Econo-Courier: $605,150 (5 routes)

      2. NJLS: $539,448 (6 routes)

      3. TForce: $385,127 (4 routes)

    5. Warehouse locations:

      1. Econo-Courier: Parsippany, NJ

      2. NJLS: Union, NJ

      3. TForce: Teterboro, NJ

    6. Concerns

      1. The task force was deeply concerned about inconsistencies in TForce's proposal regarding vehicle sizes. In one area, it was noted that “cargo vans” would be used during times of peak volume. In another area, it was noted that cargo vans would be used all the time. Additionally, their low cost-per-stop is likely to dramatically increase based on fuel surcharges, which are difficult to budget for. Members also felt 4 routes were not enough; their proposed routes contained an average of 19 stops per route. Some portions of the proposal were directly copied and pasted from their proposal to LLNJ.

      2. NJLS noted an ability to pull out of a contract if volume increases significantly in 2019 once the 10-item request limit is lifted. Again, potential fuel surcharges may drive the actual cost higher.

      3. Econo-Courier miscalculated the number of days and stops, which skewed their totals. Members felt their proposed routes were not realistic, and some contained too many high-volume libraries.

      4. Forward sorting was not proposed by any vendor. This was not required in the RFP, but was preferred.


  1. Vendor vs. In-House Delivery

    1. BCCLS delivery is budgeted at $29/stop or $561,405 annually. These numbers fall in line with the vendor proposals reviewed. Cindy noted that BCCLS currently has a surplus that could be used to pay for the necessary bins in 2018. Potentially, a full-time logistics coordinator could also be paid for beginning in November.

    2. Based on these numbers, the task force feels comfortable recommending that BCCLS begin its own in-house delivery service. LLNJ service would remain through June 30, 2019 to aid in the transition. A recommendation will be made at the September 12 Special Executive Board Meeting. It will then be introduced at System Council on September 27 and voted on October 25.

    3. The task force will host a delivery webinar for directors on September 20. This will allow directors to learn more and ask questions in advance of the September System Council.

    4. Small group meetings may be held in the spring to discuss the Bergen County grant in relation to delivery.


Adjournment: 1:51pm


Next Meeting: TBD. Webinar will take place September 20.


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