08.17.18 Advocacy Group Leader Minutes (DRAFT)

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August 17, 2018 – 10:00 am

Glen Rock Public Library 



Present:  Jenifer May (Secaucus) chair, Cindy Czesak (BCCLS Office), Darlene Swistock (BCCLS Office), Ellen O'Keefe (Glen Rock), Donna Perkosky (Paramus) and Tom Madru (Park Ridge Trustee). 

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1.  Welcome:

Jen called the meeting to order at 10:00 am and thanked the group leaders for coming and Cindy for attending as well. 


2.  Review of 2018-2019 Charges:

Jen handed out a copy of the charges for the Advocacy Committee that was distributed at the Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs meeting on May 1. 


3.  Old Business:



4.  New Business:

Jen asked the group leaders to give an update on their charges:



Ellen advised that the invitations for the Friends Breakfast on October 23 have gone out and the group continues to work on the logistics for the breakfast.  Once the breakfast is over, they will think about a winter event.  Cindy suggested offering an opportunity to have 1:1 meetings to answer specific questions (such as those that arose after the Build Your Capital Campaign program) and Donna talked about mentors for Friends.  Darlene mentioned the Friends talked about hosting a split program for libraries that have no Friends groups and want to start them, and for libraries that would like their Friends groups to be more active; she also mentioned the idea for mentors for Friends, similar to what was done for trustees on the BCCLS Executive Board.  Jen asked about Friends Talks.  Donna mentioned a very popular Friends program that explained the roles of Directors, Friends, Trustees and Foundations.  Cindy commented that someone spoke in Paterson about how changes in the new tax laws affect non-profits and the group agreed that it would be a good program for BCCLS to host.  She will reach out to the speaker and the Friends have tentatively slated a Friends program for the first week of December.


Public Relations

Donna shared the minutes from the last PR group meeting.  They are preparing for the Bergen County Senior Citizen Picnic at Van Saun Park on September 12.  The focus will be on eBCCLS (Libby, Overdrive).  They also talked about curated collections and eContent for courtesy and pay card holders.  Cindy talked about expanding world language material in RB Digital and the need to better promote RB Digital.  


Trustee Development

Tom explained that the trustees' fall program was originally focused on the Johnson legislation and the Construction Bond Act.  A survey indicated that attendees wanted a robust presentation so they reached out to Every Library, but Every Library is working at the state level.  Since the timing for grants for the Construction Bond Act is unpredictable, the group is considering an offering a program with a totally different topic, perhaps a follow-up to Leslie Berger's Long Range and Capital Presentation in December 2016 that was very well attending in spite of torrential rain.  Tom asked if Cindy would follow-up with Leslie again.  The tentative date for a trustee program is early November. 


Government Relations

Since we do not have a group leader for government relations, Jen spoke about the Library Advocacy Day charge.  It would be held in a single location, for a few hours, to provide information to help prepare library supporters to meet with their legislators.  Darlene envisioned it to be similar to a pep rally with music, balloons and printed advocacy information applicable to library staff, Friends and trustees.  All would be invited.  There was talk about a second meeting with legislators and/or their aides to showcase what libraries are doing and the value they provide to their communities. 



The discussion also covered a review of the calendar of upcoming advocacy events and milestones as well as a review of the group members for each charge.  Group leaders will let Jen know where they could use additional help from the rest of the Advocacy Committee for 1-off tasks.


Trustee News

Darlene mentioned that we asked library staff, Friends and trustees if they would like to opt-in to a trustee newsletter, similar to the Friends Focus newsletter.  It would be e-mailed 3 times a year.  Donna suggested bringing laptops to the next event so people could opt-in that way as well.  Jen thought they trustee newsletter could be a new charge for the committee.


Library Champions

Donna noted that we need to revitalize the Library Champions and update the list of Library Champions.  When asked, they advocate for the library by sending e-mails to elected officials.


Family Fun Fest

Darlene shared the information that she received from Bergen County about the Family Fun Fest at Van Saun Park which was rescheduled to September 12.  Since the promotional material mentioned that Bergen County libraries were participating, she asked the organizer which libraries were involved; about six libraries donated books.  Donna thought the PR group could have a presence similar to what they are doing for the Bergen County Senior Citizens Picnic.   That led into a discussion about having an “event kit” with tablecloths, BCCLS banners, balloons, printed materials, etc. to help BCCLS promote itself at events.  Donna and Darlene will compile a list of necessary and nice-to-have items. 


5.  Next Meeting: 

  • TBD – Group Leader Meeting
  • 9/25/18 @ 10:00 am (Paramus) - full Advocacy Committee quarterly meeting


6.  Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 pm.



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