Adult Services Committee 2019-20: Assignments & Charges

Adult Services Committee 2019-20 Membership

Lorri Steinbacher, Co-Chair Ridgewood
Jessica Bielen, Co-Chair Livingston
Laura Chumas Allendale
Bill Fischer Bergenfield
Joan Dorfman Bloomfield
Julia Nock Closter
Julie Whitehead Dumont
Kerry Weinstein Fort Lee
Leann Lydon Garfield
Dawn Petretti-Silvera Glen Ridge
Cathy Folk-Pushee Hackensack
Gina Gerard Hawthorne
Anna Kim New Milford
Margaret Rose O'Keefe BCCLS

Charges for 2019

  1. Staff development and training focusing on collection development, reader's advisory, customer service, and other services to adult users.  This may include developing training programs for key basic skills that are reproducible (with freedom to incorporate changes to account for new developments or personalities of presenters) for future committees or even reproducible at the library level.
  2. Collection development: provide regular weeding and selection tips, including e-book recommendations and possibly streaming and other online options for members to consider.
  3. Assist eBCCLS with the selection of adult eContent materials for the shared core collection.
  4. Develop and maintain a repository of high-quality adult programs and vendors that libraries can draw on, including ideas for staff-led programs that allow libraries to develop cost-effective in-house programs.
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