2018.07.09 -Reciprocity Agenda


Monday, July 9, 2018 @ 10 am

Hawthorne Public Library



1.  Review of Minutes

2.  Reciprocal Borrowing Numbers – 2017 Circulation Numbers

3.  Continue discussion of Net Lender Reimbursement

  • Spreadsheet by Monica Smith

4.  Metrics

5.  Next meeting date



 2018 Charges

1.  Identify potential imbalances of service among libraries, including impact of both “walk-in” patrons from neighboring libraries and interlibrary requests. Determine methods to quantify and measure such imbalances.

2.  Identify and recommend minimum standards and/or other compensating factors to offset imbalances as necessary. Provide recommendations for the Bylaws, Policies & Procedures and/or System Council to consider as appropriate.



Committee Members

Mimi Hui                           hui@hasbrouckheights.bccls.org                   Hasbrouck Heights / Co-Chair

Dave Franz                      franz@hillsdale.bccls.org                                Hillsdale / Co-Chair

Gerry McMahon               mcmahon@franklinlakes.bccls.org                  Franklin Lakes

Monica Smith                    smith@hawthorne.bccls.org                           Hawthorne

Sarah Lester                     lester@maplewood.bccls.org                         Maplewood

Terrie McColl                    mccoll@newmilford.bccls.org                          New Milford

Len LoPinto                       lopinto@paramus.bccls.org                            Paramus

Judah Hamer                    hamer@rutherford.bccls.org                           Rutherford

Margaret Mellet                 mellet@woodridge.bccls.org                          Wood-Ridge

Laura Leonard                   leonard@wyckoff.bccls.org                            Wyckoff

Eric Lozauskas                  eric@bccls.org                                                BCCLS

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