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Ahh, languages-the 400s. Depending on your library and your population this section may be quietly languishing hidden in the middle of the stacks, or you may not be able to keep the books on the shelf. The 400s section includes items on linguistics, dictionaries, grammar, and language instruction.

Searching for language materials in the PAC can be a little tricky. You may have to perform a few different searches to find relevant titles. Once you find an item that looks appropriate, click on a subject in the record to see other similar items. A few good subjects to begin with are Language -- Self-instruction, Language -- Conversation and phrase books, and Language -- Study and teaching. Sort the results by Publication date or Most popular for purchasing ideas as well.

The CREW guideline for the 400s is 10/3/MUSTIE where 10 is the years since publication, 3 is the maximum time since the last circulation and, of course, MUSTIE stands for Misleading, Ugly, Superseded, Trivial, Irrelevant, and easily found Elsewhere. CREW also suggests replacing dictionaries for any popular languages in your community on a rotating basis to keep them up to date and to replace English language dictionaries every five years.

There is quite a bit of leeway in collection development for this section as it all depends on which languages your community members are interested in learning. Pay attention to your patron requests for items from other libraries. They might indicate a gap or room for expansion in your collection. When looking for how to weed, refresh, and expand your 400s you may also use collectionHQ. Run a report to remove items that might be missing or dusty by following the Collection Check tip from November 2015 then follow the steps in the Dead Items Refresh tip from December 2015 to reinvigorate your collection.

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