06.05.18 DTF Minutes (DRAFT)

BCCLS Delivery Task Force Meeting

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 10:30am

Glen Rock Public Library, 315 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 10:52am by Stephanie Bellucci, Chair.



Present - Stephanie Bellucci, Chair/Cliffside Park; Ellen O'Keefe, Glen Rock; Gretchen Kaser, Ho-Ho-Kus; Kurt Hadeler, BCCLS President/Mahwah; Gerry McMahon, Franklin Lakes; Peter Coyl, Montclair; Terrie McColl, New Milford; Eric Lozauskas, BCCLS; Judah Hamer, Rutherford; Cindy Czesak, BCCLS; Sarah Lester, Maplewood; Adele Puccio, Fair Lawn/LLNJ Board

Absent - None


  1. LibraryLinkNJ budget crisis

    1. LLNJ members will have the opportunity to vote on the organization's 2018-19 budget at its June 13 Membership Meeting. Several BCCLS directors, including DTF members, are already registered. At this time, the meeting has reached capacity, and Judah confirmed there is a waiting list.

    2. The task force discussed that a “yes” vote to LLNJ's proposed budget will still cause member libraries to pay into delivery. The proposed rate is $750/year.

    3. BCCLS directors who cannot attend the meeting have the option to vote by proxy. Cindy noted that each attending member can carry two proxy votes. Kurt will send an email to directors and remind them that they have this option.

    4. A question was raised about whether delivery would cease to exist effective July 1 if the LLNJ budget is voted down. Stephanie reminded everyone that the current T-Force contract expires December 31, 2018; however, it is unknown how the potential dissolution process would affect this. This information needs to be provided by LLNJ.

    5. In the event the budget passes and BCCLS moves forward with its own delivery service, members could opt out of LLNJ's service. One BCCLS stop would remain - the BCCLS Office - to serve as a depot for JerseyCat items.

      1. Cindy stated that there are only about 90 school libraries that receive state-funded delivery. Many schools were kicked off due to not having enough volume. Presumably this would be the same situation.

      2. Libraries can also be kicked off delivery for not submitting their monthly statistics. If BCCLS implements a separate service, members would not have numbers to submit. Therefore, we would have to opt out.


II.  Supplies for delivery + total cost

  1. Committee members spent several weeks researching various vendors from whom to purchase delivery bins, bags, etc. Gerry prepared a listing of options and prices from Uline. Multiple members found them to be the cheapest and most appropriate vendor.

  1. Uline Round Trip Totes come with covers, which would make for easier stacking and storage. They do not offer the exact same size as the current blue LLNJ bins, but the two closest options would cost $15/bin or $17/bin for quantities of 24+, depending on size. They are far more durable than the LLNJ bins.  

  2. If each library required 20 bins, this would cost $23,100. The figure of 20 was determined based on a need to account for bins while they are in transit.

  3. Peter mentioned that the library system in Dallas used similar covered bins and found that this eliminated the need for plastic bags, bubble wrap, etc. These specifics will be explored later on.

B. DTF would recommend keeping 6 routes. There would be a total of 78 stops (including the BCCLS Office).

C. Delivery service would be suspended across all stops on the 13 major holidays. This brings the

number of delivery days in a year to 247.

D.The $16,000 line previously in the BCCLS budget for 5th day delivery would be eliminated in


E. Based on these figures, the total cost of delivery per library for 2019 should be $6,250. This total

will be presented to the BCCLS Executive Board to discuss at System Council.

F.Eric and Cindy clarified that there is approximately $66,000 remaining in the 2018 from what was

previously reallocated for emergency delivery. Because BCCLS delivery did not continue through

July as planned, this money will be returned to the lines it came from. Kurt thinks there will be a

year-end surplus in the BCCLS budget and hopes to use that money to put towards delivery

startup costs in late 2018 (bins, etc.).

G.Eric said that 56 libraries responded to his survey asking about JerseyCat volume. The total

average for all of BCCLS is 45 items/day. This would be doable to route through one hub at the

BCCLS Office if and when BCCLS takes over delivery, and a very part-time employee could be

hired to handle packing and unpacking of the items.


III. Next steps

  1. DTF will present a proposal for BCCLS-wide delivery to Executive Board at its June 7 emergency meeting using the $6,250/library total. A straw poll will be taken at System Council on June 28.

  2. Ellen received an email from MA delivery consultant Greg Pronevitz including a proposal for temporary consulting help. Based on the cost, this is not feasible for BCCLS to take on at this time. Mr. Pronevitz will be advised as such.

  3. Eventually, should BCCLS delivery move forward, DTF will work with the Policies & Procedures Committee to develop formal policies.

  4. A site visit with RCLS will occur sometime after June to gain more insight into their delivery processes.

  5. DTF will likely host a webinar information session for trustees in the fall.

Adjournment: 11:59am.

Next Meeting: TBA


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