Policies & Procedures Committee 2019-20 Assignments & Charges

Policies & Procedures Committee 2019-20 Membership

Jen Breuer, Co-Chair Glen Ridge
Amanda Eigen, Co-Chair Maplewood
Lois Alexander Bergenfield
Jessica Czarnogursky Bloomfield
Laurie Leon Dumont
Amy Fletcher Hawthorne
Kathryn Ennist Hillsdale
Rosemary Van Ingen Hoboken
Melissa Brisbin Livingston
Dave Fisher Mahwah
Catherine Dileo Midland Park
Giulia Bombace Montvale
Lynn Reiff Norwood
Valerie Danhart Paramus
Deepti Dutta River Vale
Jen Overton Roseland
Samantha McCoy West Caldwell
Debra Sarr West Orange
Mike Grgurev BCCLS


  1. Conduct annual review of library materials replacement costs.
  2. Conduct ongoing review of P&P.  Recommend changes as necessary for uniformity and consistency throughout the document.
  3. Review policies regarding uniformity (fines, renewals, loan periods, etc.).  Conduct small group meetings in order to receive feedback and build consensus regarding moving towards greater uniformity.
  4. Work with Delivery Task Force to revise policies and procedures relevant to delivery.
  5. Review, revise, and develop policy regarding cataloging and adding bibliographic records to the database.
  6. Working with the Personnel and Finance committees, develop policy for reimbursing member libraries for program and meeting refreshments.

Commitment Expected: Very active group that meets on a regular basis throughout the year. Members are expected to work on projects between meetings as well.

Who may join: Open to all directors and staff interested in system-wide policies and procedures. 10 - 12 members.

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