2018.07.09 -Reciprocity Minutes


Monday, July 9, 2018 @ 10 am

Hawthorne Public Library



Present:  D. Franz, J. Hamer, M. Hui, L. Leonard, L. LoPinto, E. Lozauskas, T. McColl, G. McMahon, M. Mellet, M. Smith


1.  The meeting was called to order at 10 am.  Minutes of the last meeting was reviewed and approved.

2.  Reciprocal Borrowing Numbers – “Walk-in” Stats.   

Task force members continued the discussion of the 2017 Comprehensive Reciprocal Report for Walk-Ins.  It was broken down under the following categories:

These numbers reflected where our public “want” to visit.

3.   Discussion of Net Lender Reimbursement continues.

Using the reciprocal data as a basis, committee member Monica Smith developed a spreadsheet with built-in formulas.  By entering the percentage of the grant to be used as the payout to each Bergen County library, one can see the breakdown. 

Task Force members discussed heavily the use of the $150K from the county grant for 2018.  The task force voted in favor and is recommending the funding for net plus reimbursement be redistributed differently. The reimbursement pot should be reset at $75,000.  The remaining amount is to be equally distributed amongst the 62 Bergen County libraries. Any additional funds received from the county beyond the $150K would be left up to the discretion of the BCCLS Executive Board on how it will be utilized.

The Reciprocity Task Force also recommends that the net plus lenders report be shared with the entire membership when it is published.

4.    Metrics.  The Task Force did briefly discuss about establishing minimum standards and at this time there was no interest expressed in exploring this matter further.

5.    Meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm.  The Task Force has concluded that we have met our objective and no longer need to meet in the near future.


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