04-15: Careers


Career books will always be somewhat in demand, although the latest information can typically be found online. Only career or job hunting materials published within the last three years should be kept. While some older editions of resume and cover letter titles may still effectively help patrons, it is important to consider the look and condition before opting to hang onto such books.

The CREW method recommends updating books on careers and job hunting frequently to ensure that requirements are current, although salary information will most likely always be outdated. Career guides with gender, racial or ethnic bias should be weeded. Update items with revised editions. The guidelines for careers are 3/3/MUSTIE. 

Because the publication date is one of the most crucial things to assess when dealing with materials related to specific career industries, it is helpful to sort by date when doing searches in the catalog. Use the rule that anything more than three years old needs to go; this is the easiest way to immediately determine materials for de-accession. Other career how-to and professional advice books should be analyzed for content and circulation frequency.


Suggestions for Weeding


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