Damaged, Incomplete, and/or Mislinked Materials

Check In/Check Out


 Upon checking in damaged, incomplete, or mislinked material owned by another library, the receiving library is obligated to include a Damaged/Missing/Mislink Slip as a flag to the owning library, noting the condition of the item.  Please photocopy on salmon-colored paper.

If the damaged, incomplete, or mislinked item traps for a request, the request should be declined and reactivated.

Items Waiting for Repair or Replacement 


Items waiting for mending or replacement should be given the status Being Repaired. Checking In the item will remove this status.  



The patron, and ultimately the patron's home library is responsible for reimbursing the owning library for items that have been damaged or made incomplete by their patron. 


If a patron, or the patron's home library, wishes to replace a damaged item rather than pay any bill/fine, they should attempt to work out an agreement with the item owning library. Determinations regarding acceptability of any replacements are made by the item owning library.

Mislinked Items


Items identified as mislinked should be corrected immediately.


Items considered mislinked include but are not limited to:


Damaged Items

  1. Check In the item and, if applicable, refuse then reinstate the request.
  2. Fill out in detail a salmon-colored slip and include it with the item when returned.
  3. Add a free text block to the item record stating the damage. This block MUST include the date, library and staff initials of the person creating the block.
  4. Add a note or block to the patron record, if appropriate, stating the damage and item involved.  This note/block MUST include the date, library and staff initials of the person creating the note/block.

Repairable Items

  1. Check in and return the item with a salmon slip detailing the damage to the owning library for assessment.
  2. The decision to repair the item versus monetary compensation for the item will be at the sole discretion of the owning library.
  3. When repair of the item is possible, any charges for such repair will be discussed with the borrowing library and determined by mutual agreement.

Mislinked Items

  1. Check in and return the item with a salmon slip detailing how the item was mislinked in the slip's note field.
  2. Complete the Mislink Alert form on the BCCLS Support Form.

Any items linked in violation of policy are subject to the following procedures:

  1. Any mislink may be reported to the owning library and/or the BCCLS office by a member of the public.
  2. The BCCLS office will contact the item owning library alerting them to the mislink issue with a request to resolve/relink the item(s) within 6 weeks.
  3. If, after 6 weeks, the reported item continues to violate policy, the item will be moved to an uncatalogued record for the owning library.

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