Halloween Costume Workshop

Halloween Costume Workshop

(Family, All Ages)

Number of Attendees:

Varies, prepare for 30+


3 hours, but can shorter (designed as drop in program)


See Costume Workshop flyer.  Put out ads in local papers, in schools and around town asking for donations of gently used costumes.  You'll be surprised how many people have lots of costumes taking up space in their house!


This program is an afternoon devoted to crafting the perfect Halloween costume.  Participants can come take a costume, make a costume, create or take accessories for their costume or get ideas for a clever DIY costume.

Inspiration Station:

Create a Pinterest board to help gather ideas for different costumes.    See https://www.pinterest.com/glenrocklibrary/halloween-costume-ideas/ for examples.

Have laptops with Pinterest page available for patrons to browse.

OR, for the more ambitious, use multiple display boards to post ideas for different DIY costumes.  Create separate categories for family, babies, kids, punny costumes, DIY costumes, group costumes, and last minute costumes.


Room Set Up:

Several tables to place costumes arranged by age, type of costumes, accessories, hats, etc.  Tables for Inspiration Station (laptops or display boards).


You may get enough costumes donated that patrons can look through them and mix and match and walk away with an entire costume or at least the beginning of one.

Optional: Costume Creation Stations

Have tables where kids and teens can decorate masks and/or make tutus.



Put out masks with craft supplies and have participants decorate masks!


Precut the tulle before the event into strips of fabric twice the length of your desired skirt. (For example, if you want your skirt to be 15 inches long from the waist to the hemline, measure your tulle into strips 30 inches long. 

Have participants measure a piece of ribbon that is large enough to tie around their waist.  Fold strips in half and tie a slip knot around the ribbon.

See full instructions here: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-No-Sew-Tutu

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