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  1. BCCLS Discover Webinars BCCLS Discover Webinar Tour - January 8, 2016Provides an overview of this readers' advisory resource. ... Read More
  2. BCCLS Discover PR Materials BCCLS Discover Bookmarks DOC PDF Flyer DOC PDF Graphics BCCLS Discover Logo Author-ized! Book Clubbing Book of the Day Read, Watch, Listen  ... Read More
  3. BCCLS Strategic Plan (PROPOSED) **After reviewing the plan (there is also a printable attachment below), please share your feedback with the Strategic Planning Task Force here!** Introduction In 2016, the BCCLS Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF) was formed to develop a process, ... Read More
  4. Press Release: Why Downloadable Content from Your BCCLS Library is More Tempting than a Cinnabon Why Downloadable Content from Your BCCLS Library is More Tempting than a Cinnabon Here's something you may find irresistible: You can instantly stream or download movies, music, eBooks, magazines and audiobooks 24/7 – completely free of charge... Read More
  5. ETF memo to BCCLS Executive Board 1/4/17 To: BCCLS Executive Board From: eBCCLS Task Force co-chairs Samantha McCoy and Kathleen McGrail Date: January 4, 2017 Re: BCCLS migration towards a single eContent platform, Cloud Library The eBCCLS Task Force (ETF) was charged with moving the conso... Read More
  6. Article IV: The BCCLS Computer Consortium Section 1. Sections The BCCLS Computer Consortium is an independent not-for-profit corporation composed of BCCLS members who have entered into an Interlocal Services Agreement (ILA) with the Village of Ridgewood or signed Additional Participant Agre... Read More
  7. All Things BCCLS All Things BCCLS Reciprocal borrowing, whereby a patron's hometown library card is honored at all BCCLS member libraries, is likely one of the most popular services your library offers.  In 2011 more than 1 million items were requested electron... Read More
  8. BCCLS Custom Reports The following reports are available in the BCCLS Custom Reports folder.  Reports marked with an asterisk (*) are delivered to your library automatically on a subscription, but are available to access via Reports at any time. Bib Records Added For Yo... Read More
  9. 01-16: BCCLS Brochure in 5 Languages BCCLS Brochure in 5 Languages The BCCLS PR Committee is very excited to present BCCLS brochures in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. Chinese English Japanese Korean Russian Spanish These brochures will help us better serve our diverse... Read More
  10. 11-16: eBCCLS and the Holidays eBCCLS and the Holidays Yes, it is that time of year! Please click here for a handout about 'eBCCLS for the holidays'. We are hoping that you will print them out (pdf), make a display, and share them with your community. We have also includ... Read More
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