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  1. Circulation These videos cover various functions related to circulation.   Check In (1:49) One of the most frequent functions in Polaris.  Take a look at checking items in using Leap.   Check Out (1:59) Connecting patrons with materials! Take a look at chec... Read More
  2. Circulation Meetings - Fall 2015 Circulation Meetings ­- Fall 2015 Tuesday, October 6, 2015 – WYCK Wednesday, October 7, 2015 – NMIL Friday, October 9, 2015 ‐ NBER   BCCLS Knowledge Base Get to know the BCCLS Knowledge Base (KB).  Found on the staff homepage, the BCCLS KB ... Read More
  3. E 3: Managing Blocks at Circulation Overview Description: Patron and item blocks may appear during check-out, check-in, or when renewing items.  A block impedes the transaction and must be acted upon in order to proceed.  Procedures for resolving the block will vary depending on ... Read More
  4. Popular Author Summary Popular Author Summary Looking to do a display of the most popular authors that circulate at your library or throughout BCCLS? Perhaps, you are considering ordering more titles from a particular popular author? Here are the simple steps to make that ... Read More
  5. Collection Development and Reference Committee Minutes February 14 2017 Collection Development and Reference Committee Minutes Closter Public Library Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 10am In attendance: Julia Nock (Co-chair, Closter), Latricia Markle (Co-chair, Tenafly), Cathy Folk-Pushee (Hackensack), Mathew Mitchel (Param... Read More
  6. 03-17: Non-Fiction DVDs Non-Fiction DVDs Currently the most popular form of visual media in libraries, DVDs may soon become extinct. Just as VHS faded away, so will DVDs. It's important to have a fresh, topical collection in good working condition. Non-fiction DVDs tha... Read More
  7. 03.09.17 - SC Meeting Minutes D                R                A                F                T   SYSTEM COUNCIL MINUTES BERGEN COUNTY COOPERATIVE LIBRARY SYSTEM Mahwah Free Public Library March 9, 2017 ___________... Read More
  8. LAMP Committee Minutes 2.02.2017 BCCLS LAMP Committee MeetingThursday, February 2, 2017 Washington Township - 9:30am - This was the first committee meeting for this newly formed committee. The meeting began 9:43am - The members of the committee introduced themselves. Some of them pr... Read More
  9. Maker Unconference Maker Unconference March 1, 2017 Hasbrouck Heights Public Library Handouts Bookmarks Maker & STEAM Resources Sample Programs Topic 1: Build a Better World Session 1: Programming Ideas Community outreach with police and fire safety Sciencetelle... Read More
  10. 02-17: Alternative History Alternative History Alternative History is a genre of fiction.  In a work of alternative history, the author makes a change in the historical record and then explores the ramifications of that change in the work of fiction. Alternative History is se... Read More
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