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  1. collectionHQ Webinars BCCLSChat: collectionHQ - July 14, 2016Questions, answers, and polls on everyone's favorite collection development aide! BCCLS collectionHQ Report Basics - January 20, 2015 This video provided by collectionHQ describes the basics of how... Read More
  2. K: Rolling out collectionHQ As you can see, collectionHQ consists of a range of different tools which are designed to work together to improve collection performance. It will take a little time to train library staff on various aspects of collectionHQ, but once this has been do... Read More
  3. Why I Use collectionHQ Why I Use collectionHQ Can we talk? I love collectionHQ and I'm thrilled with the many ways it allows me to make my library's collections consistently better. By its use of EBSM, Evidence Based Stock Management, collectionHQ makes weeding, ... Read More
  4. Stat. Codes & collectionHQ Stat. Codes & collectionHQ - The Perfect Pair Did you know that Polaris statistical codes and collectionHQ play very well together? Stat. codes can make weeding with collectionHQ more manageable by breaking your collection down into smaller parts... Read More
  5. How I Weed with collectionHQ How I Weed with collectionHQ I am very new to weeding with collectionHQ, and after some trial and error I came up with a process that works for me. This is certainly not the only way or the best way to weed, however this is how I approach weeding usi... Read More
  6. Layouts in collectionHQ Layouts in collectionHQ Do you wish there was a way to customize reports in collectionHQ and have them appear just the way you left them when you log back in? Are you sharing a collectionHQ login with another staff member who has different customizat... Read More
  7. POW! Circulation History in collectionHQ POW! Circulation History in collectionHQ As you may have heard, collectionHQ is going away at the end of May 2018. While we still have access to it, one of the best uses for it is weeding. What you might not know is that there is a way it can mimic a... Read More
  8. Best collectionHQ Reports Best collectionHQ Reports - Do These While You Still Can!   This online tool has made the process of weeding and building a collection easier and more efficient. Before we say, “adieu,” we thought this would be a perfect time to remember our fav... Read More
  9. ABCDs of Collection Development ABCDs of Collection Development: Analyze, Buy, Curate, Display A presentation of the 2016 BCCLS Collection Development & Reference Committee June 8, 2016,  Closter Public Library  Use the menu in the upper left hand side of the embedded video t... Read More
  10. 04-16-14 Minutes Technology Committee Meeting Louis Bay 2nd Library April 16, 2014   In attendance: Kurt Hadeler - Mahwah Monica Smith - Hawthorne Radwa Ali - Hackensack Ken Lew - Franklin Lakes Daragh O'Connor - River Edge Justin Glasser - West Caldwell Camil... Read More
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