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  1. Loan Periods Policy: All materials able to be requested for reciprocal borrowing must meet the following loan periods, as determined by the membership. These loan periods will not apply to materials not holdable or requestable outside the item's home libr... Read More
  2. CDR 05-16-14 Minutes BCCLS Collection Development and Reference Committee MeetingBergenfield LibraryMinutes for Friday, May 16, 2014, 10 a.m.   Attendance: Laura Leonard (Hillsdale), co-chair; Mary Riskind (Bergenfield), co-chair; Hanna Blatt (Paramus); Chelsea Dodd (M... Read More
  3. Appendix E: Linking Triptych Description: Collection Material Type Shelf Location Adult Fiction Adult Non-Fiction Adult Media Adult Periodical Juvenile Fiction Juvenile Non-Fiction Juvenile Media Juvenile Periodical Young Adult Fiction Young Adult Non-Fiction Young Adu... Read More
  4. Appendix C: Shelf Locations Description: Shelf Locations in Polaris are used as optional additional locators which add specificity to a collection or can be used for items in temporary locations. Shelf Locations: ESL Fiction High Demand Holiday New Nonfiction Rental Series... Read More
  5. Weeding Guidelines Weeding requires that you physically examine each item in your collection and make a decision about the current value of the item to the people you serve. There are a variety of criteria that can be used to determine whether to keep or discard an ite... Read More
  6. Promote & Develop Your Library’s Collection Promote & Develop Your Library's Collection CollectionHQ is a fantastic tool, not only for weeding your collection, but also for marketing the materials you already own and for identifying and purchasing items that will be in demand. By ente... Read More
  7. Grubby Items & the Case for Transfers Grubby Items & the Case for Transfers Have you ever run a Grubby Report and had it come back blank?  I have and it drove me crazy because I KNEW that I had grubby books and media.  I could have sworn that I ran that report last month or last we... Read More
  8. P&P 11-09-2016 Minutes BCCLS Policies and Procedures Committee Meeting Wednesday, November 9, 2016 BCCLS Office, 10:00 a.m.   Attendance:  Breuer, Coughlin, Danhart, Diamond, DiLeo, Dutta, McCarthy, McMahon, Rando, Reiff, Ruttenber and Sarr Excused:  Hamer and Perrotta ... Read More
  9. Thinking Linking Synthesis - Fall 2014 The following information synthesizes the content of BCCLS' three 'Thinking Linking' sessions held this past Fall. In conjunction with this synthesis, the Polaris Training Manual is now part of the BCCLS Knowledge Base and is, at times... Read More
  10. Polaris Refreshers Polaris Refreshers 2014 Keyboard Shortcuts - The Polaris client is built in the Windows environment and leverages a lot of keyboard shortcuts to enhance library workflow.  You don't need to master them all to reap benefits, so try one today! Mo... Read More
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