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  1. Invite and Author: Alex London Name: Alex London Email: calondon@gmail.comLink: Letter of Introduction: Dear Colleagues:It is not often that you come across a writer who is truly comfortable and capable writing for any age group, or on such a wide r... Read More
  2. 06-15: Hosting an Author Visit Hosting an Author Visit There are many opportunities to easily provide our users the ability to meet the people behind the books.  Either through BCCLS Invite an Author, reaching out to local authors, and/or working with publishers and bookstores, ... Read More
  3. Collection Development and Reference Committee Minutes 10/4/16 Collection Development and Reference Committee Minutes Free Public Library of Hasbrouck Heights Tuesday, October 4 at 10am In attendance:  Melissa Singlevich (Co-chair- Hasbrouck Heights), Cathy Folk-Pushee (Hackensack), Molly McKenney (upper Saddle... Read More
  4. Book Club Bonanza Book Club Bonanza A collective program from the Collection Development & Reference Committee and the PR Committee October 18, 2016, Wyckoff Public Library   Click here for photos. How to Start and Run a Book Club - Julia Nock, Closter The Ba... Read More
  5. Collection Development and Reference Committee Minutes 11/16 Collection Development and Reference Committee Minutes Free Public Library of Hasbrouck Heights Tuesday, November 15, 2016 10 am In attendance: Melissa Singlevich (Co-chair, Hasbrouck Heights), Julia Nock (Co-Chair, Closter), Latricia Markle (Tenafl... Read More
  6. Manual Fines Adding Manual Fines Policy: Only the home library may add charges to a patron's record, such as for damage to an item or any other fee created manually. If manual fines need to be added to an out-of-town patron, the library must contact the p... Read More
  7. C 3: Creating an Item Record Instructions: Use the Bibliographic Record Find Tool to search for the bibliographic record for the item you wish to link. Note: Please refer to sections B1: The Polaris Find Tool – Overview and B2: The Polaris Find Tool - Bibliograph... Read More
  8. C13: Generating Spine and Pocket Labels Setting Up the Font and Font Size for the Templates Description: To properly create and print spine and pocket labels in Polaris, you must first configure the font and font size at each workstation that will be used to generate labels. Instru... Read More
  9. 05-17: Languages Languages Ahh, languages-the 400s. Depending on your library and your population this section may be quietly languishing hidden in the middle of the stacks, or you may not be able to keep the books on the shelf. The 400s section includes items on lin... Read More
  10. C: The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) The Key Performance Indicators represent the things that we should be interested in measuring and monitoring on an ongoing basis if we want to improve performance. The KPIs are listed below:  KPI Issues Addressed Grubby Material Users sh... Read More
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