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  1. F10: Bulkloan Procedures Placing Title-Level Requests Description: This procedure includes a few extra steps at the beginning of the bulkloan process, but each request placed using this method will be title-level instead of copy-level.  This gives Polaris greater fl... Read More
  2. Appendix I: Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts: Overview Description: The following is a list of the keyboard shortcuts for Polaris. Please note that many shortcuts will activate different functions depending on the workform in which you are working.   Function Keys F1 –... Read More
  3. P&P 10-08-2015 Minutes Policies and Procedures Committee Meeting Livingston Public Library Thursday, October 8, 2015, 10:00 am   Attendance: Breuer, Danhart, Diamond, Doto, Dutta, Hamer, Lester, Moonitz, Natenzon, Rando, Rayner and Reiff Excused: Bloom, Coughlin, Davis, M... Read More
  4. Mislinked Items Mislinked Items - Find them & Fix them! How frustrating is it when you just can't find an item that, according to the library catalog, should be available on your shelves? Imagine how much more frustrating this is for a patron that was reall... Read More
  5. Stat. Codes & collectionHQ Stat. Codes & collectionHQ - The Perfect Pair Did you know that Polaris statistical codes and collectionHQ play very well together? Stat. codes can make weeding with collectionHQ more manageable by breaking your collection down into smaller parts... Read More
  6. Polaris Refreshers Polaris Refreshers 2014 Keyboard Shortcuts - The Polaris client is built in the Windows environment and leverages a lot of keyboard shortcuts to enhance library workflow.  You don't need to master them all to reap benefits, so try one today! Mo... Read More