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  1. 12-17 Makerspaces December Email - A Guide to Makerspaces Each month, the Professional Development Committee will be sending out a short guide listing valuable training resources on a specific topic. For December, we're focusing on resources related to makerspaces. On... Read More
  2. Boot Camp Packet ... Read More
  3. 12-14: Space & Astronomy (Juvenile & Teen) Space & Astronomy (Juvenile & Teen) Pluto has been re-classified (aka demoted), there have been multiple missions to Mars, and in November the robotic lander, Philae landed on Comet 67P. In light of the constant discoveries made in science i... Read More
  4. YSC Minutes: August 11, 2017 @ Montvale Youth Services Committee Meeting Minutes 8/11/17 (9:30 am) @ Montvale Attendance: Kate Senedzuk @ HASH Barbara Weber @ WYCK Justin Kontonicolaou @ RGWD Alessandra Nicodemo @ ALDL Margo Franklin @ Teaneck Lupita O'Brien @ CLTR Mary DeNunzio @ USDR La... Read More
  5. YSC Minutes: November 10, 2017 @ Bogota Youth Services Committee Meeting Minutes 11/10/2017 (9:30 am) @ Bogota Attendance: Kate Senedzuk (HASH) Danielle Fisher (MAYW) Debbie Faghan (RFPK) Emily Witkowski (MAPL) Lupita O'Brien (CLTR) Caitlin Sicilliano (MAWH) Justin Kontonicolaou (RGW... Read More
  6. DRAFT 11.27.17 BCCLS Friends Committee Minutes BCCLS Friends Committee Minutes 11/27/17, 10:30 AM                                                                                 Hasbrouck Heights Public Library Presen... Read More
  7. 11-17 Cite This: Citation Extensions and Add-Ons Cite This: Citation Extensions and Add-Ons   Chrome - The following citation extensions & add-ons are for Google Chrome.   Cite This For Me: Web Citer- Cite This For Me is easy and free. You do not need to create an account. This makes is ea... Read More
  8. LAMP Committee Agenda 11.02.2017 Agenda LAMP Committee Meeting Thursday 11/2, 11:30am Millburn Public Library, 200 Glen Ave, Millburn, NJ Approval of 9/13/17 minutes   2017 Salary Survey De-Brief   Wrap-up and review of 2017 charges and events   Ideas for 2018   ... Read More
  9. LAMP Committee Agenda 9.13.2017 Agenda LAMP Committee Meeting Wednesday, 9/13, 11:30am Mahwah Public Library, 100 Ridge Road, Mahwah, NJ Approval of 6/13/17 minutes   2017 Salary Survey debriefing   Fall Events Community Circle Breakfast: 10/5 in WCAL Community Cir... Read More
  10. LAMP Committee Minutes 11.02.2017 (DRAFT) DRAFT BCCLS Lamp Committee Meeting Thursday, November 2, 2017 Millburn – 11:30am Present: Mike Banick, Stephanie Bellucci, Gretchen Kaser, Lina Podles Absent: Susan Kumar, Sai Rao & Monica Smith   The meeting began at 11:33am (immediately foll... Read More
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