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  1. Polaris Post: Upgrade Edition: 11/28/2016 Good day!   BCCLS will be upgrading to the latest version of Polaris on Wednesday, December 14, 2016. A reminder will be sent closer to the date for all to leave their computers on as you close Tuesday, so that the client can be upgraded over night ... Read More
  2. Catalog FAQs General Search Results Patron Account Client Requests E-Sources Searching Online Patron Registration Ask Us   General Is the Library Catalog a BCCLS product or a Polaris product? The library catalog, or PAC (Public Access Catalog), is a Po... Read More
  3. Polaris+90 Synthesis 18 Polaris+90 meetings with our 74 member libraries were conducted over the course of 6 weeks.  We are delighted to say that every member library was represented and a total of 197 BCCLS folk attended – both directors and staff.  Five BCCLS staff... Read More
  4. BCCLS Custom Reports The following reports are available in the BCCLS Custom Reports folder.  Reports marked with an asterisk (*) are delivered to your library automatically on a subscription, but are available to access via Reports at any time. Bib Records Added For Yo... Read More
  5. F 8: Daily Request Processing Overview Description: The life of a hold request in Polaris:     Polaris processes holds and updates the pending requests for your library's items contnuously throughout the day.  You can use the Request Manager workform to view the hold ... Read More