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  1. Requests Initiating Requests  Policy: Requests for materials, and their delivery, may be initiated by the patron, the patron's home library, or the requesting library. Hold requests must be placed by all libraries for any patron presenting a valid un... Read More
  2. B5: Hold Requests The Hold Requests Find Tool Description: Use the Hold Request Find Tool to search for hold requests. Accessing the Hold Requests Find Tool Instructions: To access the Hold Request Find Tool, select Circulation, Hold Requests from the Polaris... Read More
  3. F 3: Grouping a Patron’s Hold Requests Overview Description: Polaris permits the grouping of a patron's hold requests.  That is, the placing of a number of requests in a group if there is no preference as to which of the items eventually fills the hold request.  When one of the... Read More
  4. F 4: Displaying Hold Requests Overview Description: Polaris offers multiple ways to display hold requests.  Hold requests can be viewed by patron, item and/or title, and library.  Hold requests can also be viewed according to their current status through the Request Manager... Read More
  5. F 5: Editing Hold Requests Overview Description: After hold requests have been placed, it is possible to edit them in the following ways: editing the hold request data (i.e. change the patron's pick-up library), transferring a hold request (i.e. transfer hold requests... Read More
  6. F 7: Managing Hold Requests at Check Out, Check In, & Renewal Overview Description: When checking out, checking in, or renewing an item that has been trapped to fill a hold request, a pop-up will appear informing you that the item fills a request.  You have the option of filling or not filling the hold req... Read More
  7. 04-08-14 Minutes Policies and ProceduresCloster Library April 8, 2014 Meeting called to order by Jen Breuer at 10:03 am. Attendance: Breuer, Bloom, Costello, Danhart, Diamond, Doto, Hamer, Mammen, McGrail, McMahon, Pujadas, Rando, Reiff, Rutterber. Guest: Laurie Mees... Read More
  8. Confidentiality Library Records Policy: BCCLS libraries operate in compliance with the New Jersey Confidentiality of Library Records Law (N.J.S.A 18A:73-43.1).  Recommendation: Recommendations for ensuring compliance with New Jersey Confidentiality of Librar... Read More
  9. Renewals Telephone Renewals Policy: All libraries must honor telephone requests for item renewals. The renewal policy covers items owned by any member library. Exceptions include items with outstanding requests, items for which the owning library renewal l... Read More
  10. Resource Sharing Policy: All circulating items, including media, linked to the database must be available for on-site borrowing to all patrons holding valid unrestricted cards from BCCLS member libraries. All circulating items, including media, linked to the data... Read More
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