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  1. SkyRiver - B: Logging On SkyRiver - B: Logging On     Description:   Instructions on how to log on to SkyRiver.   Instructions: To open SkyRiver, double click on the SkyRiver desktop icon.  If this is the first time you are opening SkyRiver after the install,... Read More
  2. SkyRiver - A: Installation SkyRiver - A: Installation     Description: SkyRiver is a utility that will enable library staff to request catalog additions electronically.  In order to use SkyRiver, the SkyRiver client must be downloaded and ins... Read More
  3. SkyRiver - C: Searching SkyRiver - C: Searching    Description:   The SkyRiver database can be searched using general keyword or advanced searching interfaces.  General keyword searching by ISBN or UPC is recommended, but Advanced searching will yield greater prec... Read More
  4. SkyRiver - E: Exporting SkyRiver - E: Exporting Description: Once a record has been selected, the data must be exported to the local save file created during installation so that it can be subsequently retrieved for cataloging by BCCLS staff.    Instructions: Once... Read More
  5. SkyRiver - F: Unvailable Record SkyRiver - F: Unavailable Record Description:   If a bibliographic record for a work cannot be found in SkyRiver, a request can be made to SkyRiver to search for one and add it to their database.  While many requests are unsatisfied, on occas... Read More
  6. SkyRiver - D: Choosing a Record SkyRiver - D: Choosing a Record Description: Library staff will be evaluating the bibliographic records retrieved by a search and when multiple results are found for the same ISBN or UPC, exporting the ideal record as the one requested for databa... Read More
  7. SkyRiver Webinars BCCLSChat: SkyRiver - May 10, 2016A review of processes and best practices when using SkyRiver. ... Read More
  8. SkyRiver Training Spring 2017 SkyRiver Training - March 2017A review of SkyRiver basics and how to get records in faster, including information about cataloging and MARC records. ... Read More
  9. 10-30-14 Agenda Agenda BCCLS Technology Committee Meeting Thursday, 10/30, 10am Emerson Public Library, 20 Palisades Ave., Emerson   We'll be going over the codified workflow for the catalog submission system and possibly talking about how SkyRiver might fit ... Read More
  10. 11-12-14 Minutes Minutes of BERGEN COUNTY COOPERATIVE LIBRARY SYSTEM Joint 2014/2015 Executive Board November 12, 2014   PRESIDING:                Len LoPinto                                           Paramus PRESENT:             ... Read More
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