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  1. eBCCLS PR Materials General eBCCLS for the Holidays PDF PNG Hoopla And the Grammy Goes To... Hamilton the Musical Have a Date Night with Hoopla PDF JPG  Remembering Harper Lee   OverDrive  Remembering Harper Lee  ... Read More
  2. eBCCLS Agenda 02.25.16 eBCCLS Task Force Agenda Thursday, February 25, 2016 Upper Saddle River Library Introductions and Welcome review of charges review of history of task force Approval of the minutes from last meeting Zinio refresh that landing page so th... Read More
  3. 11-16: eBCCLS and the Holidays eBCCLS and the Holidays Yes, it is that time of year! Please click here for a handout about 'eBCCLS for the holidays'. We are hoping that you will print them out (pdf), make a display, and share them with your community. We have also includ... Read More
  4. eBCCLS Committee 2017: Assignments & Charges eBCCLS Committee 2017 Membership Kathleen McGrail, Co-Chair Upper Saddle River Samantha McCoy, Co-Chair West Caldwell Deborah Leary Closter Mary Kirsch Fair Lawn Keri Adams Hackensack Aimee Harris Hoboken Barbara Laub Maplewood John ... Read More
  5. eBCCLS Agenda 01.25.17 eBCCLS Committee Agenda Wednesday, January 25, 2017 BCCLS Office @9:30am   Introductions and Welcome review of charges review of history of task force Approval of the minutes from last meeting Aggregators and their roles Platform Chang... Read More
  6. Staff FAQ regarding switch in platform for eBCCLS eBCCLS is pleased and excited to announce that cloudLibrary (formerly 3M) will host the entirety of eBCCLS's eBook and eAudiobook content beginning May 16. What does this mean to you and to your library users? Switching from Overdrive to cloudL... Read More
  7. eBCCLS Transition Publicity and Marketing Resources Announcement and FAQ The full announcement and patron focused FAQ is located here.Feel free to link to this announcement directly from any publicity you may send out. Text of the full announcement in Microsoft Word format is available as an attachmen... Read More
  8. BCCLSChat: eBCCLS - Ch-ch-ch-changes Please enjoy this 30 minute webinar on the Changes to eBCCLS that will be happening in May of 2017. Read More
  9. 3.12.15 ETF Minutes eBCCLS Taskforce Meeting Minutes Thursday, March 12, 2015 BCCLS Office Present: Samantha McCoy (chair), Dorothy Fleishman, Aimee Harris, Luca Manna, Kathleen McGrail, Cynthia Tavlin. Absent: Alicia Celentano, Ruth Greenberg, Lorri Steinbacher Guest:... Read More
  10. ETF memo to BCCLS Executive Board 1/4/17 To: BCCLS Executive Board From: eBCCLS Task Force co-chairs Samantha McCoy and Kathleen McGrail Date: January 4, 2017 Re: BCCLS migration towards a single eContent platform, Cloud Library The eBCCLS Task Force (ETF) was charged with moving the conso... Read More
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