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Fancy Nancy Tea Party

Fancy Nancy Tea Party

(Ages 8 and under)

Number of Attendees:

Flexible registration, as we always end up with a large number of kids who don’t sign up but do show up. The day before, I checked registration and estimated some drop ins, then prepared for 25. We had 23 kids come.


Approximately 1 hour for prep (cutting out paper crown shapes), setting up tables and putting out food/craft supplies. The program was an hour long.


  • Construction paper (cut into crown shape)
  • Glitter glue
  • Buttons
  • Stickers
  • Sequins and other decorating supplies
  • Plastic tea cups
  • Napkins
  • Plates
  • Plastic cups
  • Lemonade/iced tea
  • Cookies
  • Fancy Nancy book
  • Prizes (left over summer reading prizes)
  • 1 feather boa (to make me fancy)


Description of Program:

Fancy Nancy tea party with story, snack, craft, and game. Attendees are encouraged to wear their fanciest ensemble.


Children entered the program room and took seats at tables. Teacups, plates with cookies, napkins, and paper crown shapes were already set out on the table. I had a teen volunteer pour the kids lemonade or iced tea as they took their seats. Then I started the program by reading a Fancy Nancy book while they ate. After that, I put crown decorating supplies out on each table and they spent most of their time decorating their crowns. While the crowns dried a bit, they played a game of tossing pennies into cups laid out on the floor and on a chair. Each child got 5 pennies, and for each one that made it into a cup, they got to choose one prize. After everyone had played, I stapled the crowns to fit on their heads, and that was the end of the program.



Less than $10 dollars (I bought the plastic tea cups and food/drink from the dollar store. We already had everything else.)


I held the event like a usual story time, by reading two Valentine's day themed books, then brought the children over to the craft tables to create their full hearts necklace.

It was a great program, and would do it again!

Submitted by:

Alessandra Nicodemo, Allendale

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