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Smartphone Hologram

Smartphone Hologram

(Ages 10+)

Number of Attendees:

I set the registration for 15 (as I do most of my more involved STEM projects) and we had all 15 attend.


Only need maybe an hour to prep at most, and it took the kids about the same to complete the project.


  • Plexiglass sheets or old CD cases with the clear hard case. Someone happened to be disposing of the hard plastic that comes in those cheap poster frames you can get and that also worked for this project.
  • Template for the size of the shape they need to cut (not really necessary if you want to make the kids do the math themselves and figure out the size they need for the trapezoid, but I found it helpful since the majority of my students were on the younger side and many people were coming straight from camps to the program and were a bit late)
  • exacto knives
  • markers
  • clear tape
  • smartphone or tablet for testing with wifi access to youtube

Description of Program:

This teaches some basic principles of reflection with a lot of wow factor in a small project. The steps are truly easy (the hardest part being not breaking the plastic or plexiglass too much as you cut it). This project is based off of an old optical illusion called Pepper's Ghost, but instead of two sides, there are four side acting like  partially transparent mirrors, and the image that is on the screen is seen as "inside" the pyramid.  Normally a hologram seems dimensional, but in this project it's a flat object being reflected inside the mirror, but as you move around the pyramid you can see the different sides of it.




Free to very very low cost.

Submitted by:

Emily Witkowski, Teen Librarian at Maplewood Memorial Library - emily.witkowski@maplewood.bccls.org



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