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Glow Party

Glow Party

(Ages 5-10)

Number of Attendees:

This program requires registration. We allowed 30 children to register for the program. 38 children showed up, but I was able to find some leftover candy to make sure everyone had a snack. 


You need time to buy the supplies and time to set up the room. Thankfully set up is not too involved because the room is dark!

The program ran for one hour.


  1. Black lights (this one covers a shockingly large amount of space)
  2. Glow sticks
  3. Neon sharpies or other black light reactive pens
  4. Black light reactive tape
  5. Empty water bottles
  6. A large piece of flat cardboard or a piece of black poster board
  7. Butcher paper
  8. Fruit snacks
  9. Glow in the dark eggs
  10. Bean bags
  11. Music

I'd highly suggest checking what you have in storage that is black-light reactive and repurposing it for this program. We had a lot of stuff on hand.

Description of Program:

We're turning off the lights and breaking out the glow sticks! Join us for fun glow-in-the-dark activities including games, crafts, and refreshments. Participants are encouraged to wear white or black-light reactive clothing. This program is for children in kindergarten and up.


  1. Using the water bottles and black light tape, create a ring toss game. The glow sticks act as the rings!
  2. Using the large piece of cardboard painted black, or black poster board, and black light tape to create a tic tac toe board. The glow sticks will be Xs and Os.
  3. Place a large sheet of butcher paper on a table or the floor so participants can help you create a glow-in-the-dark mural. Set out sharpies or other black light reactive art tools
  4. Create or repurpose a bean bag toss game. We had one on hand from a previous program, but added black light tape around the holes. Some of the bean bags we had for storytime were black light reactive.
  5. Place your black lights, turn off the lights, turn on some music, and party!


  • The black lights cost $35 each. We used two. 
  • The eggs were on sale for $12
  • The fruit snacks cost $7
  • Everything else we had on hand


There are a million activates and ways you can do this program. Next time, we're going to do this program in a larger space so we can accommodate more people. 

This resource has a ton of glow recipes: http://www.growingajeweledrose.com/search?q=glow&x=0&y=0


Submitted by:

Caitlin Siciliano


Mahwah Public Library

201.529.7323 ext. 230

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