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07.23.18 P&P Meeting Minutes

BCCLS Policies and Procedures Committee Meeting

Monday, July 23, 2018

BCCLS Office

Attendance: Breuer, Czamogursky, Czesak, Danhart, DiLeo, Dutta, Eigen, Fisher, Fletcher, Grgurev, Leon, Overton, Rando, and Reiff

Excused: Brisbin and Doto

  1. Meeting was called to order by Jennifer Breuer at 10:01 am.

  2. Minutes from June 13, 2018 meeting were reviewed and approved.

  1. Correspondence

    1. Database submission Flowchart

Request to add a link for database submission Flowchart to Catalog Submission Policy.  Mike will add a link to the article.

  1. Change six-month to four-month in KB

Request to change “six-month” bill to “four-month” for Claims Returned/Claims Never Had policy.

  1. Manual fines and credit card payment

At this time, only home library can add manual fines to the patron's card. It was requested that other libraries be permitted to add manual fines for printing which the patron could pay via credit card (payable to the library providing the print service). This option will be explored and the issue revisited when the reports are generated.

  1. New Business

    1. Items submitted to catalog that have a question of authenticity

An issue regarding cataloging request for a bootleg DVD was brought to the committee's attention. The members will consider policy so that the library which submits a request for cataloging will be responsible for providing justification and authentication for the questionable item. The committee will also ask World Language Task Force for advice on verifying authenticity of World Language Materials.

  1. CPC purchasing in OverDrive Advantage+

OverDrive offers cost-per-circulation (CPC) option where libraries that select content available under the CPC model will only incur a charge when a reader borrows a title. Since CPC content is for the purchasing library and their patrons only, and OverDrive cannot currently hide this content from all library users, it will violate the eContent policy.  Beta-test libraries will be advised not to purchase this content until OverDrive can address and fix the issue.

  1. Review loan period spreadsheet

At this time the committee will focus on creating recommendations for uniform the loan periods and renewals throughout BCCLS consortium. High Demand items and fines will be reviewed at a later date. A spreadsheet with breakdown of loan periods was reviewed. Auto renewal and patron experience was discussed. Committee will reach out to other library systems which have auto renewal to find out more about their experience.

d. Suggestion was made to revisit this policy to reduce the six month period and make these items available for lending through Public Access Catalog (PAC) sooner.  According to the Resource Sharing Policy, “All circulating items, including media, linked to the database for six months or more must be available for reciprocal electronic loan to all patrons residing in BCCLS member towns.”

  1. Old Business

    1. Revising Salmon Slip

A draft for new salmon slip was reviewed, edited and approved. The new slip combines the two salmon slips which are currently used, into one. It will be posted on KB.

  1. Review changes made to 'Uniform Manner of Entry' at June meeting

The document was reviewed and changes approved.

The meeting ended at 12:21 pm

Next Meeting:

Date - Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Time - 10 am

Location - BCCLS Office

Respectfully submitted by Deepti Dutta

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