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06.14.18 - DUP Minutes

Diverse and Underserved Populations Committee Minutes

June 14, 2018

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Closter Library


In Attendance:

Lisa Hoffman, Chair, Bloomfield

Sherri Kendrick, Cliffside Park

Deborah Leary, Closter

Kate Nafz, Fair Lawn

Melissa Singlevich, Hasbrouck Heights

Akiema Buchanan, North Bergen

Yumi Choi, BCCLS


Ongoing Business


The meeting was called to order at 10:14 am. Lisa Hoffman, chair of the committee, welcomed members and we re-introduced ourselves. Deborah moved to approve the minutes and Lisa seconded the motion. Yumi mentioned that we should avoid tables within a document because they do not map correctly when added to Knowledge Base.


Resource Guides/Monthly email blasts

Lisa reviewed the agenda and we proceeded to review the Pride month email blast which was prepared by Lisa and Kristin. In addition to the write-up which attempts to overcome objections to LGBTQIA displays and awareness activities, Lisa provided a graphic to be used for promotional activities. A discussion ensued about objections which are faced by our own committee members which further highlighted the need for this tip. It will be distributed to ALL by Lisa. Yumi will create a folder in Knowledge Base for our monthly tips.

Yumi will distribute the “General Resources Guide” and the Paterson resources document to committee members.

We confirmed the following:

Monthly tips assigned:

June - LGBTQIA (Lisa and Kristen)

July - Islam (Sara)

August - Mental Illness / Substance Abuse (Michelle)

September - ESL (Melissa)

October - Immigration (Victoria and Michelle)

November - Blast on Homelessness Event

Book Drive

At our last meeting we discussed what we could do over the course of the year including a book drive. So far, Sherri has not found organizations interested in receiving donated books. Melissa will send Sherri information about other efforts within the prison systems to see if that would be an avenue for book donations. 


Big Event – Focus on Homeless

Lisa shared her experience at NJLA regarding the presentation about the homeless. She indicated that this speaker would not be appropriate for our event. Melissa will follow up with one potential speaker who currently works with Rockland County Pride Center. Akiema will contact homeless shelter support facilities to seek a speaker also. We discussed a food drive and a possible tie-in by asking attendees to bring food donations.

Sherri volunteered to review and edit the “General Resources Guide” to include homeless only. This will be a handout at the seminar.

We agreed to do a skit at the November seminar. There was some discussion about content and Deborah agreed to be the “mean” librarian. Lisa and Kate will help with script writing. We agreed to an agenda including 2 outside speakers, a skit (one to open which is the “wrong” way and one to close which is the “right” way), a handout, q&a, and evaluation.


The meeting adjourned at 11:40 am.


Next meeting scheduled for July 19 at 10 am at the BCCLS office.

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