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P&P Minutes 08.08.2018


BCCLS Policies and Procedures Committee Meeting

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

BCCLS Office

Attendance: Belli (guest), Breuer, Brisbin, Czamogursky, Danhart, DiLeo, Doto, Fisher, Fletcher, Grgurev, Leon, Overton, Rando, and Reiff

Excused:  Dutta and Eigen

  1. Meeting was called to order by Jennifer Breuer at 10:06 am.

  2. Minutes from July 23, 2018 meeting were reviewed and approved.

  1. Correspondence

    1. Email from patron regarding wording on almost due notice

Patron felt the wording could be clearer. We were not sure which notice the patron was referring to.  Will wait to receive clarification before having further discussion.

  1. Question on barred patrons and paying bills online

Question arose regarding barred patrons with unpaid bills and what happens when the patron pays online, remains barred, and then visits a library other than their home library.  Concern was that libraries cannot change barred status of other libraries' patrons. Lengthy discussion ensued including concerns on how libraries use barred status and whether it is out of scope of its intent.  One idea is to add an automated blocking note indicating barred status remains and also one on the patron's account so the patron is aware of the status. Mike will research how difficult it is to implement this feature and will bring findings back to the committee.

  1. New Business

    1. There was no new business.

  1. Old Business

    1. Review submission to August Executive Board

There were no changes and will be submitted to the August 23 meeting for approval.

b.   Adding questionable material to the catalog

As a follow-up to July's discussion, Jennifer spoke with Paul Shaver, Chair of the World Language Committee about this issue and how it may impact these collections in addition to American content.  He said that their committee was aware of the issues and will research resources staff may use when verifying material, including release dates. P&P will continue working on this issue and develop procedures that will assist catalogers and libraries verify the authenticity of material being submitted for cataloging.

c.   Sub-committee work on uniformity

The group developed and presented a spreadsheet with recommended loan periods based on the reports furnished by Mike.  The group will next review renewals and revise the spreadsheet. Discussion followed about next steps including developing FAQs, talking points, and deciding when it would be best to set-up small group meetings. Committee members felt that in addition to Directors attending the small group meetings, that the Head of Circulation should be invited as well.  

The meeting ended at 12:16 pm

Next Meeting:

Date - Wednesday, October 17

Time - 10 am

Location - BCCLS Office

Respectfully submitted by Jennifer Breuer

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