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Fall Slime

Fall Slime

(Ages 5-9)

Number of Attendees:


How many did you plan or set registration for? Was it a drop-in?  This program was a drop-in.

How many did you actually have attend? 100


How long did you need to prep for the program?    20 minutes – to cover tables and organize supplies)

How long did the actual program take start to finish?   2 hours -20 minutes to prep, 1 hour program, 30-40 minutes to clean up


  • Elmer's Glue
  • Sta-Flo
  • Skin-Safe Food Coloring (Red)
  • Apple Essential Oils
  • Bowls
  • Spoons
  • Cups w/lids

Description of Program:

Kids of all ages LOVE making slime.  We offer this slime program three or four times a year.  We use the main ingredients each time but add something special to each program. (i.e. glitter to make snow slime, dyeing the slime orange and using pumpkin essential oils to make pumpkin slime)


  1. In a medium size bowl add a ¼  cup of Elmer's Glue
  2. Use two drops of Skin-Safe Food Coloring (Red) and one drop of apple essential oils
  3. Mix ingredients with a spoon
  4. After mixing, add 2T of Sta-Flo.
  5. Mix all ingredients with a spoon
  6. Use your hands to kneed the slime into the perfect consistency
  7. Place the fall slime into a clear plastic cup w/lid to take home


Elmer's Glue,  $14.00 @ Target (We buy the gallon)

Sta-Flo, $3.00 @ Walmart

Skin-Safe Food Coloring, 0.35oz, 12 bottles, $22.99 on Amazon.com

Apple Essential Oils, $4.00 @ Walmart

Bowls, 20oz, 108ct, $7.00 @ BJs (whatever we don't use we save for our other programs)

Spoons, 600ct, $14.00 @ BJs (whatever we don't use we save for our other programs)

Cups, 12oz, 50ct, $7.00 @ Party City / Lids, 12oz, 50ct, $2.50 @ Party City 


We cover the tables for a quick clean-up.  We like to use the spoons first for a semi- clean/easier way to get the consistency of the slime.  The more you use the spoons to stir the less time you need to use your hands to kneed the slime.

Submitted by:

Deborah Tarabocchia  deborah.tarabocchia@paramus.bccls.org

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