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Draft P&P Minutes 10.18.18


BCCLS Policies and Procedures Committee Meeting

Monday, October 18, 2018

BCCLS Office

Attendance: Breuer, Czamogursky, Danhart, Doto, Dutta, Eigen, Fisher, Grgurev, Hanson, Rando, and Reiff

Excused: Brisbin, Dileo, Fletcher, Leon and Overton

  1. Meeting was called to order by Jennifer Breuer at 10:05 am.

  2. Minutes from August 8, 2018 meeting were reviewed and approved.

  1. Correspondence

    1. Accepting Credit Card Payments

An email was sent to clarify if all BCCLS libraries were accepting payments through   BCCLS online accounts. It was brought up when one of the library insisted that a payment for a lost item be sent through check rather than being paid online. BCCLS online payment option is for all the libraries and for the convenience of the patrons.

It was pointed out that libraries which accepted credit cards would now have to be conscious while accepting payments for lost and paid items for their own items versus the items from another library.

  1. Credit card payments for items in checkout

An email was sent with the procedure for ‘Marking an item lost so that patron could pay by credit card’ in Leap. This procedure reiterated the ‘Lost and Paid’ procedure in Polaris.

  1. 90 days overdue survey

Some libraries do not want items back after 90 days, others did not mind as long as the item was in good condition. Discussion on how to make the process less confusing, change the wordage to make it simpler and reduce the time frame for ‘Four Month bill’.

  1. Salmon Slips and Free-Text Boxes

Free text box is the only Pop-Up box which alerts the staff. It is usually denotes the number of pieces in an item. According to the ‘Damaged, Incomplete, and/or Mislinked Materials’ Policy, “Add a free text block to the item record stating the damage”. It can get confusing if there is already a note in the text box.

A recommendation can be added on how the information should be entered in the free text box which already has a text.

  1. Patrons visiting out-of-town libraries without cards

Discussion on how many libraries in the BCCLS System have a digital scanner. A reminder can be sent to all, reiterating that when patrons visit libraries other than their home library, they must present a valid, physical library card when checking out. The policy might have to be revisited in the future as more and more patrons are storing their library card numbers in apps.

  1. Lost items that are unpaid

Lost item on patron’s card prevent deletion of bib record. It was suggested that libraries should clean up those records by adding manual fines on patron’s card with notes and withdraw those items. Step by step instructions can be provided. BCCLS report can be generated on items which have been marked ‘lost’.

Discussion on deleting expired patrons, cleaning up patron database using reports, and requesting help from BCCLS for purging non-delinquent patrons.

  1. Suggested edits

Various edits were suggested by Margaret O’Keefe in the P&P manual. These were approved.

  1. New Business

    1. Items being circulated before its release date

Discussion on whether a policy was needed regarding the release date. An email reminder could be sent to check the templates for new books which should have the ‘Circulation Status’ of ‘Being Acquired by the Library’ or ‘In-Process’.

  1. Revisit barcode placements

All the items would have to be labeled or stamped so that the name of the owning library can be found easily, if the new delivery system for BCCLS gets approved.

  1. Old Business

    1. Counterfeit items submitted to catalog - write policy

Discussion on recent purchase of counterfeit DVDs through Amazon.com. Holds had to be canceled and patrons notified that there was an error in linking.

Draft for Policy - BCCLS will notify the owner and cancel holds for materials which are found to be counterfeit.

  1. Credit Card payments

More policies may be required as unexpected situations arise. Contingency funds may be needed to cover the unforeseen expenses.

  • Chargeback on a credit card payment not only refunds the payment on transaction, but charges a fee. A phone enquiry on the transaction also has a charge.

  • Fee charged by credit card companies for each transaction is more than expected.

  1. Justification form for catalog submission

The form can only be sent by the library directors. It will be placed under the ‘Support’ tab on the BCCLS staff page.

  1. Setting upcoming meeting dates

Wednesdays November 7 and December 5 at 10:00 am in the BCCLS office.  The December meeting will be the annual pot-luck.

  1. Committee discussion

  • There are new bib record sets for foreign languages which can be pulled from Simply Reports.

  • Only one user can log in to Simply Reports at a given time. BCCLS is working on providing a login for the library director.

  • Rest of the items on the agenda will be discussed in the next meeting.

  1. Adjournment

The meeting ended at 12:30 pm

Next Meeting:

Date - Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Time - 10 am

Location - BCCLS Office

Respectfully submitted by Deepti Dutta

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