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YSC 04-12-19 Minutes

Youth Services Committee


April 12, 2019 - 9:30 AM

BCCLS Office (Fair Lawn)



Emily Pepe (NOVL), Danielle Fisher (MAYW), Imani Hardaway (NMIL), Jacqueline Quinn (TEAN), Lupita O'Brien (CLTR), Michelle Jurgensen (CRES), Korine Stopsky (DUMT), Esperanza Pacheco (ENGL), Kim Iacucci (FTLE), Lauren Magielnicki (GARF), Caitlin Siciliano (MAHW), Rachel Stephenson (PALP), Allison Tansey (PALP), Tyne Runfeldt (RIVL), Richelle DeFrank (WCAL), Kate Nafz (FAIR), Joe O'Brien (LIVI), Bob Huber (BFLD), Alyssa Harvey (HOHO), Denise Lester (HAWH), Sunkyung Roh (NMIL), Margaret Rose O'Keefe (BCCLS)


Not present:

Kate Senedzuk (HASH), Gladys Cepeda (HACK), Mari Zigas (HACK), Janis Werner (MILL), Allyssa Battaglia (WASH), Deborah Tarabocchia (PARABR)


  1. Meeting was called to order at 9:42 AM

    1. Approval of the February, 2019 Minutes - Motion by Danielle

  2. Old Business

    1. YSC Newsletter

      1. Margaret suggested we add images to the newsletter (will ask Joseph @ BCCLS how to add them)

      2. Asking for May content ideas for the newsletter

      3. Caitlin says new ideas are always welcome - add to the YSC Newsletter combined list (she has tabs for every month)

  3. New Business

    1. Mentor/Mentee Luncheon - should we invite them all to a regular YSC meeting?

      1. Meeting will take place at Bergenfield Library at 9:30 AM

      2. Mentor volunteers are: Danielle @ Maywood, Tyne @ River Vale, and Richelle @ West Caldwell

      3. A regular meeting will take place, then we will break for the (brown bag) luncheon

    2. Boot Camp - September tentative date

      1. A Librarian's Guide to the Galaxy..and places closer to home

        1. Best Practices

          1. Help us be the best librarians

          2. Social Media etiquette

          3. Professional Development

        2. Customer Service

          1. Patron relationships - appropriate or not

          2. Customer [isn't] always right

        3. Staff Relationships

          1. Best practices

      2. We need to put our request in for refreshments

      3. Should we ask Donna @ PARA to do another presentation - social media etiquette

      4. A proposed new time frame for the boot camp - beginning at 10:00 - 11:30 AM, then a 10/15-minute break, then from 12:00-1:00 PM.

      5. Ask all (BCCLS Librarians/Circ Staff) what they want to hear or learn about.

      6. Please continue to add ideas to the shared Google Doc

    3. Summer Reading - partner with Tech Committee to have a webinar on making/using Google Forms

      1. Denise @ Haworth suggested using Engaged Patrons (Free)

      2. It was stressed that the webinar would have to happen sooner rather than later because summer reading prep comes to an end by mid-May.

      3. Ask Erin @ Carlstadt about using Google Forms

      4. There was some back and forth about Paper Logs vs. Online

      5. Some libraries have decided to keep Beanstack

      6. We spoke about creating a Donation Letter database (like the programming database).

        1. Richelle @ West Caldwell was willing to share her letter as a PDF so other libraries can use it as a form letter and Bob @ Bergenfield volunteered to compile a spreadsheet (saved in the committee's Google Drive) of places to go for donation requests along with contact names.

        2. Margaret will post the form letter to the KB and create the donations spreadsheet from the committee's Google Drive and give Bob editing permission, then he will share the list once it's complete.

        3. Danielle @ Maywood suggested using candy bars as raffle prizes for teens

        4. Rachel @ PALP uses ARCs for her teens

        5. Bob @ Bergenfield suggested Gaming Codes that he received from companies

    4. Program of the Month

      1. Kate @ Fair Lawn - August

      2. Alyssa @ Ho-Ho-Kus - October

        1. Both decided to switch months so Kate can add her Haunted Library program in time for libraries to use it.

    5. Subcommittees - Point Persons

      1. Subcommittees met after meeting adjournment

  4. Adjournment

    1. The meeting was adjourned at 11:04 AM - Motion by Emily

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