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YSC 05-10-19 Minutes DRAFT

Youth Services Committee

Minutes (Draft)

May 10, 2019 - 9:30 AM

Bergenfield Public Library



Kate Senedzuk (HASH), Emily Pepe (NOVL), Danielle Fisher (MAYW), Jacqueline Quinn (TEAN), Lupita O'Brien (CLTR), Michelle Jurgensen (CRES), Korine Stopsky (DUMT), Esperanza Pacheco (ENGL), Kim Iacucci (FTLE), Lauren Magielnicki (GARF), Rachel Stephenson (PALP), Allison Tansey (PALP), Tyne Runfeldt (RIVL), Richelle DeFrank (WCAL), Kate Nafz (FAIR), Joe O’Brien (LIVI), Bob Huber (BFLD), Denise Lester (HAWH), Sunkyung Roh (NMIL), Janis Werner (MILL), Margaret Rose O'Keefe (BCCLS)


Not present:

Imani Hardaway (NMIL), Gladys Cepeda (HACK), Allyssa Battaglia (WASH), Alyssa Harvey (HOHO), Caitlin Siciliano (MAHW), Alyssa Bayer (NOAR),

  1. Meeting was called to order at 9:37 AM

    1. Approval of the April 2019 Minutes - Motion by Danielle

  2. Old Business

    1. YSC Newsletter

      1. Kate let the committee know that she has received great feedback from many youth services librarians about the newsletter.

      2. Asking for May and June content ideas for the newsletter - please send to Caitlin or add to the Google Doc.

      3. Anything can be added to the newsletter

        1. Relevant materials/ideas

        2. Danielle suggested adding professional development opportunities outside of BCCLS.

        3. Jacqueline suggested adding (or discussing) the ALSC Peer Mentoring Program through ALA

  3. New Business

    1. Welcome Mentors/Mentees

      1. Discussions of a redesign for the Mentor/Mentee program

      2. Creating a (sort of) curriculum, quick tips, or suggestions for becoming or being a Mentor.

      3. The committee will look into redesigning all handouts and materials. Perhaps creating a “virtual” mentor/mentee program.

      4. There were discussions about collaborating with the LAMP committee and their New Professionals Breakfast - having a YSC member present to answer any youth services questions or to discuss all the help/ideas the committee can offer.

      5. The committee also agreed to have 2-3 meetings be “open meetings” - leaving 5-10 minutes at the end of the regular meeting for anyone to ask questions and for ideas.

    2. Need new YA eContent aggregator(s)

      1. Lauren began to explain what an aggregator does, guidelines, and where to get suggestions.

      2. Margo @ TEAN will still take care of ordering the children’s eContent

      3. YA (and Adult) ordering has gone a bit over budget and they (BCCLS) are currently working with the aggregators to manage it.

      4. Margaret let the committee know that there will be a cart aggregators meeting on May 15 at 3:00 PM @ the BCCLS office and that there is a new policy in the works that will most likely be reviewed at this meeting. The following week on May 21st at 9:30am @ the BCCLS office there will be training on OverDrive Marketplace that the new YA aggregator can attend.

      5. Bob will let the committee know if his co-worker (Jen) would be interested in partnering with him to do the YA aggregating.

    3. Boot Camp/September

      1. Please continue to add to the Google Doc

        1. Ideas, webinars, powerpoints, etc.

      2. Ask Donna @ PARA if she would be interested in presenting on “Social Media Etiquette”

      3. Ideas for professional development are also welcome.

    4. Summer Reading - Update from Tech Committee

      1. Erin from Carlstadt has created a screencast of how to create/use Google Forms for summer reading stats.

      2. Tech Committee - Marcia and the committee has created written directions with screenshots.

      3. Danielle discussed beads/keychains as summer reading incentives. She will send pictures and directions.

      4. Bob mentioned he is working on updating the Google Sheet with the different companies and their donation policies, which he will share with the committee once it’s done.

    5. Remember to submit Fresh Focus & Program of the Month

      1. Bob & Denise switched POM

        1. Denise - June

        2. Bob - July

      2. Add books to the June Fresh Focus Google Doc with blurbs.

    6. Margaret mentioned that Kurt (BCCLS President) has asked that research be done to discontinue the Knowledge Base and replace it with a different setup.

      1. She suggested that the committee begin reviewing what is in the YS section of the KB and consider which content is important so a recommendation can be made regarding what to keep and/or toss.

      2. Kate (HASH) glanced over some of the existing content and made some suggestions (e.g. keep About Us, Program of the Month, Sample Donation Request Letter & Programming Database, but toss Invite an Author & 1KBBK). The Book Lists, Mock Awards, and Professional Development sections will need more review.

    7. Subcommittees - Point Persons

      1. Subcommittees met after meeting adjournment

  4. Adjournment

    1. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM - Motion by Emily

    2. Next meeting will take place on Friday, June 14 - 9:30 AM @ Closter Public Library

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