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Smoothie Making Activity

Smoothie Making Activity

(Ages 13-18)

Number of Attendees:

Registration was set for 15 teens.
9 teens signed up and 7 teens actually attended the program.


Prep: 1 hour of prior grocery shopping and 1 hour of washing and cutting fruits and veggies.
Program: 1 hour


Fruits, Veggies, Kale, Spinach, cutting board, knife, washing stations (kitchenette access or a sink), cups, straws, water, ice, various juices, peanut butter, almond milk, soy milk, 1% dairy milk, honey, chia seeds, multiple cup blender (like a Bullet) or several blenders, electrical outlet, table, chairs, paper, pens, printed examples of smoothie recipes, measuring cups, measure spoons, and paper towels.

Description of Program:

Teens have the opportunity to copy an already provided smoothie recipe to try out or using the paper and pens they can create their own and write it down. Teens can each try to make 3 different smoothies for themselves or to share with other. 


Librarian begins the program with explaining the benefits of healthy snacking, focusing primarily on “after-school” snacking. Librarian shares their favorite smoothie recipes and the benefits of having a fruit and veggie filled smoothie instead of chips, crackers, candy, etc. Librarian then shares safety rules with blenders. Teens will then have the opportunity to try and follow a provided recipe that sounds good to them or they can create their own recipe to try. Teens will have fun experimenting and will learn how to make a healthy snack for themselves at home.


Cost of this program depends on how many different kinds of fruits and veggies you want to purchase and what ones are currently in season. When I did this program all of the ingredients cost around $75. I already had my own measuring cups, spoons, and blenders that I used for the program. Cost of the program could also vary depending on if you already own the measuring cups, spoons, and blenders or if your library were to purchase them.


Make sure you are aware of any food allergies the teens may have.
A “Bullet” Blender or any blender that comes with different smoothie cup attachments works really well. That way each teen has their own container to work with and wash up.
Fruit and Veggies should be cut prior to the event beginning unless you have super trustworthy teens that have impeccable knife safety.
Make sure to have trash cans nearby because the teens will want to experiment with flavors and 50% of them will make something super gross and inedible.
(This program was done at the Cortland Free Library in Cortland, New York.)

Submitted by:

Alyssa Harvey, MLIS – Worth Pinkham Memorial Library

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