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11-19 Finding and Fixing Uncataloged Items in Leap

Finding and Fixing Uncataloged Items in Leap


Ever wondered exactly how many uncataloged records your library owns? The following steps will guide you in ferreting them out and creating a neat list. You may be surprised at what you uncover.


  1. Log in to Leap using your library's credentials.
  2. Click on Find to the right of the Scan or search box.
  3. In the next popup window click on Patron (or whatever your default search type is) and change it to Item Record.
  4. Click the Filtericon (it looks like a funnel).
    1. Click on the green Add Condition button.
    2. Click in the All keyword fields box and change it to Assigned branch.
    3. Click in the box that reads (none), scroll down, select your library, and click Apply.
  5. Click on All keyword fields and change it to Title.
  6. In the search box type in Uncataloged as your search term then press enter or click the magnifying glass to search.

The list of items returned may be surprisingly long. You can resize columns by clicking, holding and dragging the dividers in between them. You may also export the entire list to a Record Set.

Why would you want to do all of this? There are a few good reasons to scrutinize your uncataloged items. 

First, with the (relatively) new method BCCLS is using to bill member libraries, each record your library owns costs you money. Why not save some by getting rid of items you might not want or even own anymore? Those pesky phantom records are eating into your budget when you could be spending on shiny new things that will circulate much more.

Second, uncataloged items are difficult for patrons to find. They don't show up in catalog searches and even you as the librarian will only see them if you use Polaris or Leap when searching. The only way a patron will encounter them is if they're browsing your collection. Even if the item is a fantastic one, it's probably not getting the attention it deserves and should be matched with an existing record if at all possible. If a bibliographic record does not exist check to see if the item is a candidate for catalog submission (see criteria here). To check if a bibliographic record is already available in Polaris/Leap for an uncataloged item, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Details view in the item record.
  2. Next to Bib Control Number* click Find.
    1. For more targeted results, change All keyword fields to either ISBN or UPC number and search accordingly.
    2. Only search by Title or keyword for older items that have no ISBN or UPC.
  3. To check if a bibliographic record is the correct one to transfer your item to:
    1. Select it from your results list.
    2. Click Open.
    3. Click the Bib control number link.
    4. The bibliographic record will open, and you can double check it to make sure you chose the correct one.
    5. Click Close to close the bibliographic record.
  4. If it is the correct bibliographic record:
    1. Click Save to transfer your item from the uncataloged record to the correct bibliographic record.
    2. Click Close to close the item record.
  5. If it is NOT the correct bibliographic record:
    1. Do NOT save the changes - click Find again.
    2. Repeat the bibliographic record search until you find the correct one.
  6. If you can't find the correct bibliographic record at all:
    1. Click Close to close the item record.
    2. Click Discard Changes to leave it as uncataloged.
    3. Double check if the item can be submitted for cataloging, if you still wish to keep it in the collection.

Finally, cleaning up your shelves and your catalog simply makes your library a nicer and brighter place to be. All the great things you surely own will shine and be findable, not mired in the murk of dusty unused items and shadowy records.

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