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Early Literacy Garden Story Time

Early Literacy Garden Story Time

(Ages 2-4)

Age range: Open to ALL Pre-kinders, but activities are geared to 2-4 year olds.

# of attendees: 15 – 20 (Will vary based on space available.)

Length: 1 hour

Budget/supplies: I spent about $15 at the Dollar Store to supplement craft supplies and items we had on hand in the supply closet.

Room setup: Open floor with 4 low-level tables around the edge of the room.

Publicity: In-Library marketing through flyers, email blasts and session program/calendar.



This is a great Early Literacy Activity Hour and Story Time created to support BFLD’s 1,000 Books before KinderGarden Program. It has a fun mix of literacy, movement and activity tables that allow toddlers to move at their own pace and discover!

  1. Story Time:

    1. Song – Everybody Loves to Dance (Aaron Nigel Smith)

    2. Book – Peppa Pig and Vegetable Garden (Astley, Neville)

    3. Song/Fingerplay – The Itsy Bitsy Spider

    4. Fingerplay – A Bee is on My Toe (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell):

      A Bee is on my toe,
      A Bee is on my toe,
      Hi-ho, just watch me blow.
      A Bee is on my toe.

      Other Verses
      A Bee is on my nose.., my head, my ear, my elbow, my knee, etc...

    5. Book – Snappy Little Bugs (pop-up) (Nielson, Claire)

    6. Song – Can’t Wait to Celebrate (Jim Gill)

    7. Open Up & Explain Activity Tables. Let Parents/Toddlers filter through the tables at their own pace.

  2. Sensory/Activity Tables:

    1. Insect Sensory Bin

      1. Supplies:

        1. Black Beans
        2. Mini Insect Figurines
        3. Fake Flowers/Leaves
        4. Magnifying Glass
        5. Large Tweezers or Tongs

      2. How To:

        1. Create little scavenger hunt lists that parents can help toddlers search through the boxes: Can you find a ladybug? How many spiders are there? Can you collect all of the ants? Etc.

    2. Bee Pattern Tables

      1. Supplies

        1. Mini Bee Stuffed Animals (or bee images taped onto a foam brush)
        2. Washi Tape
        3. 4 Printed/Laminated Pictures of Flowers
        4. 4 Printed/Laminated Pictures of Bees

      2. How To:

        1. Create patterns of Washi Tape across the table (like the patterns pictured below).

        2. Using the bee stuffed animal toddlers can trace the tape across the table working on hand-eye coordination.

    3. Counting Garden

      1. Supplies

        1. Printed and laminated flowers, numbered 1 – 6
        2. Wooden Dowels
        3. 2 containers with Styrofoam
        4. Easter basket filling/crinkle paper
        5. Wooden clothespins (25ct)

      2. How To:

        1. Workings with parents have toddlers attach the correct number of clothespins written to each flower, this introduces counting skills and works on strengthening grasping abilities. (Ex: 2 clothespins go on the #2 flower.)

    4. Cloud Races

      1. Supplies

        1. Straws
        2. Cotton Balls
        3. Table/Table Cloth
        4. Painter/Washi Tape (for lanes)

      2. How To:

        1. Using the tape create a racetrack grid with a few lanes.

          1. I had rested my table on the floor, but it may be easier to use a tabletop.

        2. Line up cotton balls at one end and let patrons blow their way to the finish line, trying to stay in their lanes.

    5. Pinwheel Flower Craft

      1. Supplies

        1. Green Construction Paper
        2. Blue Cardstock/Construction Paper
        3. Mini Paper Plates
        4. Small Brass Fasteners
        5. Dot Pens/stickers to decorate

      2. How To:

        1. Precut: green construction paper into stems and leaves. Punch a hole into the center of each paper plate.

        2. Toddlers can glue down stems and leaves, and then parents can help attach the paper plates to cardstock using brass fasteners. Allow the fasteners to loosen enough that the paper plate spins as if a pinwheel.

        3. Let toddlers decorate their flowers with dot pens or insect stickers.



I had a great response to the program, and we continued to host them once a story-time session (1 in the Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter, etc.). We kept registration open to walk-ins and out-of-towners.

Questions? Email Marisa from the Northvale Library at Marisa.Hall@northvale.bccls.org

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