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Harry Potter Birthday Party

Harry Potter Birthday Party

(Ages 12 and Under)

Number of Attendees:

Prep for 30-40 participants


Each House of 7-10 attendees will take 1 hour to go through all of the classes.
Total time: 2 hours


This program requires at least 4 staff or volunteers, each person acting as a “Head of House.” Parents are encouraged to go up with their children if they are under the age of 7 to assist.

Budget/Supplies (*per attendee):

Note: This information is based on number of attendees listed above.

  • 40 paper cut-outs of ties
  • 40 paper cut-outs of socks
  • 40 cut-outs of animals or potions or keys + magnetic strips
  • 40 wooden sticks with magnets attached at the end.
  • 40 empty water bottles
  • 40 pieces of square paper
  • Food coloring
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Cornstarch
  • Labels
  • Tape
  • Yarn
  • An old hat to act as Sorting Hat
  • 3 Cardboard circle cut-outs
  • 3 round, lightweight objects to toss.
  • Giant Dobby print-out
  • Miscellaneous decorations

Room/Tech Setup:

  • 2 rooms: large classroom and waiting room
  • 3 tables as far from eachother as possible in classroom
  • 1 large table set up in waiting room
  • 1 wall in classroom

Helpful Websites:

Please see the following for the original source ideas for this program:




Decoration Ideas:


Publicity & Documents:

Description of the Program:

  • Program Structure:
    • The Sorting
      • In waiting room, distribute Sorting Hat Quiz to the children who are comfortable with their reading. Younger children may be selected to sit at the front of the room and pick their house out of the “Sorting Hat.” Once their houses have been selected, they will be given the tie cut-outs and yarn to color according to their houses and wear during the program.
      • The rules can be announced at this time. This includes recommending the parents of children younger than 7 accompany their child upstairs to assist with the classes, telling each house that they need to stay with their group and Head of House, and asking them to listen to their Head of House whenever they are required.
    • The Waiting
      • Because this program requires each Head of House to lead the children through each class, we recommend a 20 minute wait between houses. The waiting room should be equipped with the square paper so each Head of House can instruct their house in Transfiguration, or turning a square piece of paper into an origami frog. This can change depending on the level of experience a librarian/library assistant has with origami.
      • Another trick is to set the houses on a scavenger hunt for a Snitch hidden in the library. The house that finds this item first gets bonus House points.
    • The First Class (Pin the Sock on Dobby)
      • After entering the large classroom, children will first need to pick up a sock cut-out with tape on its back. They will face the wall in a line and take turns with a blindfold and sticking their cut-out to the large printout of Dobby on the wall.
    • The Second Class (Charms)
      • This table needs to have less metal in it than usual. Magnetic cut-outs of assorted items are on the table. Each child is given a stick with a magnet on top and allowed to go under the table to “charm” an item off the table.
    • The Third Class (Potions)
      • This table needs to be prepped with 40 water bottles filled with water, corn starch and oil. The child will add food coloring and decorate a label for their “Poisonous Potion.” Remind them: No Drinking!
    • The Fourth Class (Quidditch)
      • 3 hoops can be either hung from the ceiling or standing on a tripod. Each child will be able to toss the “Quaffles” (soft, round balls) through the hoops to earn points for their class.
    • The Final Class (Optional: Divination)
      • This class requires +1 volunteer/assistant and +1 table or room. The person acting as Professor Trelawney has some type of transparent globe (we used a fish bowl) and tells each student their fortune individually. Usually it will involve dementors and the child is given a chocolate treat. If they mention they have an allergy, they can be given a different prize.
  • Is there a good time of year to implement this program?
    • This is best done in late July/early August. One can change the title to adjust it according to his or her needs. One can also adjust the program to incorporate more or less classes.
  • Are there factors to keep in mind when planning this program (i.e. room setup, safety issues, age range, parental help)?
    • When setting up the room, try to delineate where one “class” starts and one “class” ends so that conflicting houses do not try to cross boundaries if they are in the same room. This can be achieved with masking tape on the floor or by setting the tables as far from eachother as possible. Each house should give at least 20 minutes before starting their program. The wait can be alleviated by performing the “Transfiguration class.” Parental help is required for any children under the age of 7 years.
  • Would this work best at a specific time (morning, after school, evening)?
    • Afternoon or Evening. There is a variation on this for Teens as well that incorporates cake decorating.
  • Did you get feedback and create evaluations?
    • N/A


If the librarian or program leader is unable to obtain extra help, this program can be accommodated to require only one extra set of hands. Doing this may require the classes to be shorter or the number of participants to be limited below the average, but can be done! Point accumulation for each house can be done in a variety of ways, but we completed it based on finding the Snitch, saving Dobby, number of Quaffles successfully thrown, and best teamwork.

When we produced this program, we also dressed up as the characters and decorated the entire area. In order to allow more children to participate, we also did a final round of latecomers 2 hours after the program started with various House members participating.

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