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Great Annual Pokémon Meet-Up

The Great Annual Pokémon Meet-Up

(All ages, but core age is Kindergarten, age 5, - 5th grade, age 11)

Number of Attendees:



Plan for about 1 hour


1, although volunteers may be needed in advance to help prep craft and/or ice breaker.  The craft can be very simple and as long as there are directions, parents can help their children.  For a more detailed craft, a staff member may need to be on hand.  We usually are fine with two staff members, and both are also helping at the children’s circulation desk as well.  Some of our teen volunteers will bring their old cards and help out.

Budget/Supplies (*per attendee):

Very low cost and can be adapted.  Below is based on an average from previous years.

  • 3 packs of Pokémon Cards for prizes - $18.00
  • Paper for print-outs and trivia
  • Construction paper for craft – The craft can be intensive, simple, or non-existent!  For more details see Program Description.
  • Basket to collect quiz


Room/Tech Setup:

Flexible.  Most important it to make sure you have the space for kids to move around and sprawl on the floor.  Many will prefer the floor, some will prefer to use and sit at tables.  If there is a craft then a table with chairs will be best.  We usually use our main floor and move many of the smaller tables out of the way.

Publicity & Documents:

Description of the Program:

Program Structure: The idea was to have a large group of kids who collect and play Pokémon all together in one room.  I saw with my children how excited they would get when they met someone new who collected so that they could trade cards, a different batch outside of their own circle of friends.

  • Ice Breaker: This can be a traditional icebreaker.  See herefor suggestions for icebreakers with children.  Or it can be Pokémon related.  The goal is to get them to meet someone new.  Once they get paired or grouped, they introduce themselves and have to share something about their collection or what their favorite Pokémon is.  Two ice breakers that have worked for us in the past:
    • Each child gets a Pokémon card with a number written on it (I used a Post-it note so the kids could keep the card after).  Each number is part of a pair.  They have to find the person with the same number on their card. 
    • We printed out sets of evolutions from the original 150.  Most are sets of three, some are two.  They have to find the other ones in their set.
    • After the ice breaker, the kids are usually pretty eager to start trading and battling or showing off their collection.  Right before, I let them know where we have activity sheets, a craft, and the quiz for prizes, as well as where our display of Pokémon books and movies is located. 
    • I do make periodic announcements reminding them to take the quiz and I will be picking winners approximately 45 minutes in.  I also encourage the older kids to help the younger kids and the younger kids to ask the older kids for help.
    • At the end of the hour, I randomly pick 3 winners from the completed quiz (they have to correctly answer approximately 80% of the questions).
    • The craft is often something simple, such as making Pikachu Ears


This is by far one of the easiest programs I run, but also one of the most popular.

Is there a good time to implement this program?  Any time that works best to attract a large group of elementary kids.  We run it on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of November.  It can correspond with International Games Day @ your library, which is also in November.

Are there factors to keep in mind when planning this program (i.e. room setup, safety issues, age range, parental help)?  This is one of the programs, which if space allows, is great to open up to children from other towns.  The more diverse group of kids, the better it is for everyone.  We do ask for registration so that we can prepare in terms of the icebreaker.  The craft is completely optional and is mostly done by the younger registrants and the younger siblings.

Would this work best at a specific time (morning, after school, evening)?  We have been successful with running it on a Saturday afternoon during the school year.  As always, it is a matter of what is most likely to get the most elementary aged kids, which may be different depending on the town, as well as their hours of operation.

Did you get feedback and create evaluations? No evaluations, but feedback has always been positive.

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