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Kitchen Chemistry-Nutrition and Energy

Kitchen Chemistry-Nutrition and Energy

(Ages - First session was PK4-grade 1; second session was grade 2-grade 5)

Program Time:

45 minutes in length.

Prep Time:

You will need some time to purchase food for this program, to think of questions for the 'Feud' game and to measure and set up the ingredients before the children come in.  For the younger group, the ingredients were pre-measured, with a line drawn on a cup to indicate how much was in the cup, which takes significantly more time, so their group had to go first.  Four tables were set up with six children to be placed at each table.


I had my assistant with me as well as a teen volunteer.  I have also done this program with just my assistant, but it goes more smoothly with three people depending on the amount of children.


There is always a wait list for this program.  We allow up to 25 children.  Registration is required.


  • Two buzzers for game found at dollar store.
  • Several different fruits and vegetables and opaque bags.
  • Styrofoam bowls
  • Plastic spoons
  • Four large mixing bowls
  • Four metal spoons
  • Plastic cups
  • Parchment paper
  • 1 sharpie marker
  • No-Bake Energy Bites (see attached recipe below)

Description of Program:

We ran three 'Kitchen Chemistry' programs throughout the spring.  This one focused on Nutrition and Energy.  We ran the PK-1st Grade program right first after school and the 2nd-5th grade one after it with 15 minutes in between.  The children first sat viewing the powerpoint slide on a screen and after a short discussion on things they ate today, activities they engaged in, they were divided into two teams to play the 'Feud', which was played just like the game.  Examples of questions are:  “Name a green vegetable” AND “If I exercise regularly, I will make my _____ stronger”?

They then sat at their tables to make their 'No Bake Energy Bites'.  Ingredients were pre-sorted into cups with a line made by a sharpie indicating the amount in each cup for the younger group.  The older group needed to measure out the ingredients into the cups.  (This got a bit messy and took a lot of time, not sure I would do this again, but I thought it was worth it at the time).  All ingredients were poured into a large bowl on each table and mixed by the group.  Then the ingredients were separated into individual bowls.  The children rolled the ingredients into balls or 'bites' and placed them on parchment paper to 'chill' for ten minutes with their names on the parchment paper in our refrigerator which is close to our programming room.

While they were waiting, they played a game where I walked around with a bag (I also had a volunteer doing this with me), with either a fruit or vegetable in the bag, and they had to put their hand in the bag and try to guess what it was when everyone was done feeling.

After the ten minutes, the children either ate the energy bites or placed them into paper cups to take with them.


The cost was approximately $60 dollars, but that was the amount for two programs, one for the younger children and one for the older children.

You would need to conduct this in a room that has access to a refrigerator.  You will also need four tables.  We of course substituted soy butter for peanut butter in our recipe, and we informed everyone beforehand that food WOULD be served and to please let us know about any allergies.


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